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Plane passenger hits back after being slammed for 'cutting queue' to get off flight

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A man has faced criticism online after he admitted skipping the queue to disembark his flight when it landed.The passenger was seated to the rear of the plane, but when it touched down he noticed that none of those sitting near him had stood up yet to join the queue to exit the aircraft.

Seeing an opportunity, he decided to bypass his fellow flyers and walked straight to the front of the queue - a move that quickly angered those around him, the Mirror reports.Taking to Reddit, he protested that he didn't jump the queue as those sitting in front of him had the chance to get up, but weren't yet organised.

Posting anonymously, he explained: "I was sat towards the very back of the plane when we landed."People at the front got up to get ready but no one in the middle section got up.

I was in the aisle seat and I only had a backpack, so I took the opportunity and walked to the front of the plane to lineup behind the people in the very front."He added that when people saw what he was doing, someone told him to wait at the back of the plane like everybody else - but he pretended not to hear his fellow passenger as he had headphones on."I didn't respond again but this time there was a lady behind me who said she needed to catch her connecting flight that was already boarding."The lady who had the connecting flight definitely had a valid reason to "cut" in line, but when was this ever a rule?

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