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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos Share a 'Live' Co-Hosting Update Two Months In (Exclusive)

Mark Consuelos officially took over as Kelly Ripa's full-time co-host on — so, how is the married couple really handling their new routine?«You know, I think we've done it pretty well,» Consuelos told ET on Thursday. «I'm actually getting my my sea legs now.»«I'm having so much fun meeting the actors or the performers that come on that I've always been a big fan of,» he added, «and I get to work with someone who's the best in the business.»«The benefit of having worked together before is that we really know how to click in and out of those roles,» Ripa agreed. Consuelos has previously served as a guest co-host alongside his wife of 27 years, for just a week or so at a time. But the full-time gig is a bit different — and the pair said they've set a few boundaries to keep home and work life separate.«Once we get ready for work, it's work time,» Consuelos noted of the couple's routine.

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