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Kim Jong-un refuses to mask up at funeral as North Korea's Covid crisis goes on

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un led a massive crowd of mourners in the streets of Pyongyang despite the country’s strict coronavirus lockdown as his “mentor” Hyon Chol Hae was laid to rest.The retired Marshal of the Korean People's Army, who was official bodyguard to Kim’s father Kim Il-sung, reportedly died of “multiple organ failure” on May 19 at the age of 87.Hyon Chol Hae was one of the most senior military officials in North Korea, becoming only the fifth person to be promoted to the rank of Marshal of the Korean People's Army.Kim and the honour guard of Korean People’s Army officers escorting his coffin went unmasked throughout the proceedings. Hyon’s lavish state funeral, which was attended by tens of thousands of people and watched by many more on the state TV channel, seemed to suggest that the authorities in Pyongyang aren’t concerned by the spread Covid-19 in the city.

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