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Jonathan Ross snaps 'don't rub it in' in awkward Game of Talents spat with Vernon Kay

ITV series following an earlier snub over how he "fares" as a judge on The Masked Singer.It all began when former T4 presenter Vernon, 47, was introducing his contestants for the evening - Jonathan and his non-celebrity partner Umera, and Katherine Ryan and her teammate Megan.Wondering how the chat-show host would perform on the game show, Vernon teased: "So you’re on the masked singer and we’ve seen how you fare on there…"Doing his best to be mock-offended, Jonathan exclaimed: "What do you mean 'we’ve seen how you fare on there'?"That sounds like a dig," he declared, as Vernon refused to take the bait."It does sound like a dig - are you saying I’m not very good?" Jonathan continued to goad, but Vernon simply laughed.The cheeky chat-show

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