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EastEnders' Clair Norris looks dramatically different to Bernie role on glam holiday
EastEnders star Clair Norris looked stunning in a glam holiday snap - but she looked dramatically different from her BBC soap character.The actress, 24, has played soap student Bernie Taylor in EastEnders since she joined the BBC cast in 2017.Clair took to Instagram on Saturday (May 21) with a slew of sunny snaps - where she wowed in a pink and white gingham mini dress.The smiling star could be seen posing for a photo outside her four-star hotel Barcelo Santiago in Tenerife, where she was sporting an enviable tan.The glowing celeb tied her hair up in a tight bun as she accessorised with a brown handbag and chunky earrings.The TV talent was stood in front of a dazzling sunset spilling across the ocean - poles apart from the drizzly British scenes Bernie has come to expect from Walford.Catching up with her fans from sunny Spain, she captioned the snap: "10erife".Claire's famous friends and fans rushed to fawn over her latest look in the comments.Her co-star Emma Barton, who plays Honey Mitchell, shared a swooning heart-eyes emoji.Her pal Milly Zero, who plays Dotty Cotton, wrote: "Your the only 10 I see"[sic].One fan wrote: "Blooming gorgeous," as another agreed: "Oh my god u and the place look amazing".The actress has been living it up in Tenerife with Lewis Wood, her boyfriend of almost four years.Claire recently made a Panorama film on obesity, where she opened up about being bullied for her weight at school.One heartbreaking moment saw her break down in tears over the abuse, which included insulting names.Clair said: "It all started for me in the playground with name-calling which now, as I have got older, I have come to realise is bullying."I just saw it as name-calling because it would happen one day and then not the
Top Gear star James May admits he used to be a 'rebel' who would wee on gravestones
Top Gear host is known for being quiet and mild-mannered but he admitted he was a “little s**t” growing up.The 59-year-old, who presents The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond, told how he was a “horrible” schoolchild.May revealed how he spent his teenage years in south Yorkshire, where he was a choirboy at Whiston Parish Church, Rotherham.Speaking on the Comfort Eating podcast, May said: “As choirboys we were a bunch of little sh*ts. I mean, awful people.“Fighting, urinating on gravestones, stealing things, singing at people’s weddings for 50p without a moments thought for the sanctity of marriage.”He said he used to go “try it on at pubs” when he was underage and ask for pints of lager.“You couldn’t quite reach the bar but you still get away with it, it was so exciting”, he said.“You think you are going to get arrested and put in prison for drinking beer when you’re only 15, but of course you’re not – you’re just going to be told to p**s off.”When asked what he was like at school, he confessed he would describe himself as “horrible”.May, who attended Oakwood Comprehensive School in Rotherham, added: “I was daydreamy, belligerent, incredibly lazy and slightly subversive.” It comes after the Grand Tour presenter confessed that his co-star Jeremy Clarkson does not like to share his food while working on set for the beloved car show.
Piers Morgan cuts off Anne Robinson interview within seconds amid tech blunder
Piers Morgan: Uncensored was off to a rocky start within just seconds of it starting, as he was forced to abandon a chat with Anne Robinson due to a technical blunder.Piers had promised an explosive interview with the former Countdown host, but appearing via video link at the start of his programme, things didn't go quite to plan.As Anne was quizzed about what was to come on the show when her interview began, she simply said: "I can't hear you," and began fiddling with her earpiece in confusion."Save it for the interview!" Piers replied, trying his best to salvage the situation, before Anne repeated that she couldn't hear what he was saying to an off-screen crew member."We'll save it for the interview later," the host repeated, before the video link abruptly cut off.When Anne finally appeared in the studio, she hit out at Piers: "What happened? You can't afford sound in the green room?"Piers then joked: "I said, 'Turn her off' because once she gets out here she'll give me hell!"But Anne looked set to compliment the presenter as she said: "I've got to say, since you've gotten older you've gotten more attractive!" before pointing out the "bits of grey" in his hair "like George Clooney".Piers was once again challenging what he calls the 'woke brigade' amid a row about whether trans athletes should be able to compete against their cisgender counterparts.During an interview with skateboarding champ Taylor May Silverman, he let slip that it's "completely unfair", adding: "Women are just born with inferior physical bodies."Anne, of course, was in agreement with Piers, who insists it's "not transphobic" to call out the issue.But the pair erupted into a fiery row as Anne told Piers: "Are you interviewing me, or am I interviewing
Ant and Dec baffled by behind the scenes Britain's Got Talent secret
Ant and Dec were left scratching their heads over the contents of a mysterious safe on Britain's Got Talent.The TV presenter duo stumbled upon the giant security device at the London Palladium during a comical backstage segment on the ITV talent show.After a failed attempt at opening it by pulling on a handle, Ant observed that a crest emblazoned on its door claimed that the safe was resistant to fire and thieves.The pair, who had been sneaking around backstage at the famous West End theatre, began speculating over what could be inside the imposing safe that was built into a wall inside the building."What do you think's in there?" Dec asked his long-time co-host."A safe? Money," replied Ant."Money? Money you say. How much money? I'd love to know what's in it," continued an intrigued Dec.The presenter's curiosity soon wore off though as his co-host began pontificating at length about the safe's history.Dec's eyes glazed over as Ant regaled him with his theory that bore a striking resemblance to the plot of a certain 1964 Disney movie.For more of the latest showbiz news from Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here."I reckon they used to take the money from the box office, put it in some kind of system, where it would go down the tubes and then end up here," Ant speculated."You'd take the cash boxes out and take it to the bank in a bowler hat and a pinstripe suit.
Johnny Depp 'insulted fans, family and Amber Heard' by calling them suckerfishes
Johnny Depp has been accused of calling fans ‘suckerfishes’ by a former friend during witness testimony, claiming the actor would insult 'pretty much anyone he felt had crossed him'.The Pirates of the Caribbean star was accused in evidence before court of insulting his mother, his sisters, Amber Heard and his fanbase with the odd term, which relates to a type of fish that attaches itself to a ship, puts a hole in it and then sinks it.Io Tillett Wright, once a close friend to both Mr Depp, 58 and Ms Amber Heard, 36, gave evidence via video link in Virginia's Fairfax County Courthouse on Tuesday and made a number of claims regarding the former couple's relationship.Mr Wright, a photographer, gave evidence about his "intense" friendship with the actor after they met in 2013 and at one point stated that he still "cares deeply" about his former friend.The witness testimony claimed Depp would become paranoid when he consumed alcohol and drugs and alleged drug use would bring out a "cruel and misogynistic" side to the actor.The photographer added that Depp claimed his wife has “no talent” at one point during their relationship.The court heard: "She has no talent and when her t**s start to sag and her face gets wrinkly, no one is going to be interested in her for anything,"He added: "Johnny is incredibly intelligent, incredibly smart and witty, and he would point his jokes at people, Amber's appearance, her talent — her lack of talent, as he perceived it, why he thought she was actually famous, which he always implied was because of her looks."Mr Wright also claimed that the actor would make derogatory comments about his fan base."He would insult his fans, he called them — I remember, he called them remoras, which is a type of
Peter Andre admits he’s taken medication in order to 'talk openly in therapy'
Peter Andre has bravely opened up about taking medication in order to help him progress in his mental health journey so that the star could “talk openly about my problems in therapy.” The 49-year-old singer opened up to his loyal legion of fans about his own battles with his mental health to mark Mental Health Awareness Week.He reminded his adoring fans to take care of their minds just as much as they would take care of their bodies in his column for new magazine.To celebrate the annual occasion, the Mysterious Girl singer revealed he had struggled “greatly” with mental health throughout his showbiz career in the past.He wrote: “For so long, mental health was considered a taboo subject, with some people even questioning whether or not it’s a real thing.“But it’s incredibly real and can be debilitating and, in extreme cases, deadly.“So not only do we need to raise awareness, we need to raise funds for treatment and research on mental health.”The established entertainer – who is currently starring in Grease on the West End – said when he’s having a bad day, he turns to exercise to relieve his anxieties.Peter explained that exercise doesn’t need to be a full-blown workout and that a simple walk in the countryside can make all the difference to help clear his mind.Previously, the doting dad-of-four opened up about his “hellish years of therapy” after he called on the UK government to offer more support to people going through mental health issues.On World Mental Health Day, he shared a post on Instagram reminding his 1.8million followers to “show support” for others struggling with mental health.He penned: “It’s ok not to be ok. Mental health is real.
Tipping Point viewers enraged over ITV contestant's 'running commentary'
Tipping Point fans have shared a big frustration about the latest episode.Tuesday's edition (May 17) of the ITV quiz show saw viewers ruffled by the loudness of one particular contestant, as retired council worker Jenni from Derbyshire appeared on the programme.As the contest got underway, viewers picked up on the fact that Jenni was frequently interrupting her fellow players as well as Tipping Point host Ben Shephard.Some viewers were left so fed up with Jenni's antics that they even confessed to being left 'reaching for the mute button' while discussing the episode with other Tipping Point fans on Twitter.One disgruntled viewer wrote: "I think I might have to put this on mute #tippingpoint."Another commented: "Today's episode is happily sponsored by the mute button."A third said: "Can Jenni please stop with commentary, it's not a sports match."Meanwhile, a fourth viewer added: "Shut up with the commenting Jenni!!""Jenni's annoying me so much with her incessant wittering, I've switched channels!!!" Another concluded.Jenni also drew ire from viewers after deeming the Tipping Point machine "nasty".After failing to cause a big counter fall with her first drop, Jenni complained: "That was nasty."How could it do that?"It wasn't to be her day on the show as she failed to make the grand final.Jenni appeared on the episode alongside contestants Victoria and Dom.While she managed to make it through to the second round following Victoria's early exit from the episode, Jenni was later bested by Dom who made it through to the final round.Jenni's appearance on the programme comes after a contestant on Monday's show left Tipping Point viewers cringing by yelling "come to mummy".