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Martin Lewis wants to know if you and your partner sleep in the same bed

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Following on from his last poll regarding the length of school holidays, Martin Lewis is back with a poll exploring the sleeping habits of Britain's couples.

With 74,000 votes so far, it's stirred quite the debate. In his post on X, the dad-of-one wrote: "Today's Twitter Poll: Do you and your live in partner/spouse sleep in the same or separate bedrooms?

Article in today's Times, "No shared beds please, we’re middle class." Writer says "she’s odd one out among her friends by sleeping with her husband". "I wanted to see how widespread this is, which of these is CLOSEST to your situation with your partner..." READ MORE: Martin Lewis asks parents if summer holidays should be 'substantially shortened' At time of writing over 74,000 had voted in the poll.

With the overwhelming majority answering that they did in deed share a bed with their partner. It doesn't say of course why people share a bed, whether that's because they simply want to or they don't have the space for any other options.

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