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'Horrifying' home full of dead and dying animals uncovered as woman slapped with ban

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Animal welfare officers forced their way into a pet owner's home and found a "frankly horrifying" menagerie of dead and dying caged animals.

Donna Breen was banned from keeping any animal for the next ten years after she admitted being responsible for the dead and decaying pets.Breen, 44, was also placed under a restriction of liberty order for eight months after she admitted three neglect charges at Perth Sheriff Court.

The court was told that SSPCA, council and police officers forced entry when Breen refused to let them in and discovered dead and emaciated animals in a "putrid" environment.They found the rotting and skeletal carcasses of guinea pigs, along with hamsters, a rabbit and a dog which were being kept in cramped and stinking conditions.

One guinea pig was so badly neglected that officers thought it was dead until they took a photograph and it limply responded to the camera flash.Two had to be put down after being rescued.

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