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Saturday Morning's James Martin blames dyslexia as spotted dick blunder goes viral
James Martin declared that his dyslexia had gone viral, after a host of amused Instagrammers - including Lisa Snowdon - posted footage of him announcing he'd seen a "delicious looking dick".The 50-year-old blamed the blunder on his struggle to read the autocue. Luckily, James saw the funny side of it when he took to Instagram later, assuring his followers that fortunately the errors don't happen often."Ha ha it read on the autocue what a delicious looking dish from Rick now I'm going to make spotted dick and custard!" he explained."It doesn't happen often, thank God, but this is the day my dyslexia went live and viral!"Lisa Snowdon had reposted the clip, in which an Instagram humour site had jokingly praised it for being "the finest eleven seconds of television ever broadcast in the UK".As his followers brought out the tears of laughter emoji and Lisa Snowdon quipped: "Wish I'd seen this before bumping into @jamesmartinchef yesterday", James took the moment in good humour.Meanwhile, Holly Willoughby - who has also been open about her own battle with dyslexia - shared his latest book, Potato, with followers while making a mistake of her own."I mean you can't beet (sic) a potato," she exclaimed, thanking James for giving her a copy of the book after he returned to This Morning with her and Phillip Schofield.Last month, James also shared footage of himself signing an overwhelmingly huge amount of copies as he prepared for the launch.Followers jokingly quizzed him on whether his follow-up would be titled "Chips", as anticipation rose for his latest recipes.Meanwhile, James also advertised the Roux Scholarship on his account earlier in the week, promising that chefs from a diverse range of backgrounds would be welcomed in a
Dan Walker issues urgent plea as fake account scams fans for cash in his name 'Be careful'
Dan Walker, 45, told fans he would "never" write to them asking for money, after he was alerted to the presence of scammers on Instagram who were impersonating him. A horrified Dan even received messages from people checking if their bank details had been safely received. He took to Instagram himself via his official account, which has 276,000 followers, to clarify that he was the real Dan Walker - and that any others are imposters.Raising the alarm, he announced: "Now then… loads of people have been messaging me saying there are some fake accounts around at the moment claiming to be me."I got an email today from one fella checking that I had received his bank details!"He added: "This is my only account on Instagram… I have no separate private account so please just report any rogue messages from anything other than this account to Instagram asap."Scam accounts impersonating celebrities are rife online, with presenter Holly Willoughby and Moneysavingexpert.com founder Martin Lewis being among the famous figures who've been affected.Some fans were even duped by an account purporting to have been run by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.One woman also shelled out £800 to an "estate agent", believing she would be starting a new life abroad with fiery TV chef Gordon Ramsay- who in reality has been happily married to wife Tana for more than 25 years.Meanwhile, Dan continued: "I would never send you a message asking for money or pictures or anything like that.
Will Mellor sparks 'worry' and Strictly final doubts from James Jordan 'Peaked too early'
James said: “I did, and I worry about that because I think that dance particularly suited him and it was so impressive for the first week.“I’m just not sure if we'll see Will in the final unless he delivers another 'Week One' moment sometime soon,” James added to Hello! magazine.Will recently opened up about how his father's death motivated him to go on Strictly and “create memories”.Appearing on This Morning last week, Will discussed his journey on the BBC contest with dance partner Nancy Xu.He candidly shared with hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield how "horrendous" it was to lose his father, Bill Mellor, from cancer and how it gave him the drive to sign up for Strictly.The actor said the show has given his mother, Shirley Mellor, something to focus on which is why he grabbed the opportunity to take part in the competition by the horns.Reflecting on losing his father, Will began: "It was a horrendous time for me and my family, as anyone who has lost someone will know. "You're left with memories and you know what, I just thought he lives in me now and I am just going to create memories."I am going to say yes to more things and I am just going to grab life and run with it, and do it in his name."Will explained his father's death has "really changed" his outlook on life.He also opened up about wanting to help his mother deal with her grief through his Strictly routines each week as he hopes to remain in the competition for as long as possible.  "For my mum, she lost my dad, her brother-in-law and her sister-in-law in one year, and it was such a tough time for us all," Will added. "But I was given this opportunity and I thought, I want to do it to create memories and look back and say we did that." Last weekend
Holly Marie Willoughby (born 10 February 1981) is an English television presenter, model and author. She is currently the co-presenter of This Morning (2009–present) and Dancing on Ice (2006–2011, 2018–present) alongside Phillip Schofield.