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Holly Willoughby emotional as This Morning prepares to air from Buckingham Palace

Holly Willoughby found herself struggling “not to cry” after she shared an exciting announcement with millions of their loyal legion of fans at the start of This Morning.During Monday’s (May 23) instalment of the popular ITV talk show, the blonde bombshell kicked off the week with an exciting studio move as the 41-year-old confirmed she and her co-host Phillip Schofield would be presenting live from Buckingham Palace.The daytime show started with Gyles Brandreth as he entered the set to a fanfare of trumpets performed by what appeared to be two members of the royal guard.It was at this point that the former MP proudly read out the royal invitation to the dynamic duo live on air as he confirmed the pair would be presenting the show from the palace at 10am on Tuesday (May 24).Wearing another one of his stand-out novelty jumpers, Gyles said: “Dear Mr Schofield and Ms Willoughby, you have been given a royal appointment for tomorrow as you will be broadcasting live from Buckingham Palace to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee.“You will be taking a look back at the Queen’s magnificent 70s years of sovereign with a host of special guests.“We look forward to welcoming you live, 10 o’clock tomorrow morning as the celebrations begin at Buckingham Palace.”It was at this point that Holly failed to contain her excitement any longer as she screeched: “I’m so excited. It’s almost making me cry”.As she proudly beamed beside Phillip, he asked Gyles: “Beautifully done, any tips?” to which he replied: “No tips at all.

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This Morning fans brand The Speakmans 'rude' after they dish out harsh advice
This Morning fans seemed rather uncomfortable during Monday's episode (May 23) after Nik and Eva Speakman seemed to shout at phone-in guests while giving advice.The famous couple appeared on the ITV programme alongside presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield to help viewers who were currently struggling with a particular phobia.Trying to see if he could potentially eradicate his fear of flying, a caller named James shared the reason why he didn't want to fly in a plane due to a bad experience he previously had.But viewers quickly picked up on the fact that Eva was rather blunt with her response and told him he could definitely overcome his anxiety rather quickly.Seeing her be so abrupt with the caller, viewers quickly rushed to Twitter to share their thoughts on her approach, with some even branding her as "rude".Taking to Twitter one person said: "Oh my god she is so rude!!!!"Another commented: "Of course! You just need to get over the fact, James, that accidents can happen on the plane even though IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT. This advice, seriously..."A third annoyed viewer penned: "The Speakmans were a disgrace this morning, people only need a one time incident to develop a phobia, they of all people should know this but basically brushed off every caller and told them to get over it, absolute frauds.."This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.
Holly Willoughby suffers setback as show 'axed' after 'not landing with viewers'
Holly Willoughby's BBC quiz show 'Take Off' has been axed after one series.The show, which was co-hosted by The Chase's Bradley Walsh, saw members of the audience compete each week to win luxury holidays abroad last summer.However, despite the incredible prizes and well-known presenters, the show failed to impress viewers as many were unable to go travelling at the time it aired due to coronavirus restrictions.According to The Express, the show had been filmed before the pandemic but only aired on our screens in the summer of 2021.Take Off was produced by Hungry Bear Media, which is owned by Holly Willoughby's husband Dan Baldwin.The show, which consisted of four episodes, has now reportedly been shelved as it appeared to be 'too difficult' to get the winners of the show on holiday.A source told The Sun that travel was much easier when the show was filmed prior to the pandemic.They said: "Now, it’s more difficult with so many restrictions. It didn’t land with viewers who were grounded."According to the publication, the BBC did not comment on the claims.Despite the show being axed, the source said Holly and Bradley had great on-screen chemistry and loved working together.Last year, Bradley admitted that he didn't know the rules of Take Off and that he leaves that to his co-host, Holly.He said: "I leave that to Holly - she is the nuts and bolts of it all.
This Morning fans praise Holly and Phil for 'keeping straight face' in odd alien chat
This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were commended by fans on Twitter after they managed to keep a straight face during a rather strange interview.Abbie Bela, who is also known as Emanuela Rose, joined the ITV show to discuss her unconventional relationship with an extraterrestrial.She appeared on the show with a green inflatable alien toy, which she said her alien boyfriend uses to take on his physical form.Abbie told the hosts that she was taken from her flat in Canary Wharf and the pair fell in love.Phil and Holly inquisitively asked her questions about her partner and the alien race in general, but some viewers couldn't hold back.Fans took to Twitter and praised the duo for "entertaining" her story.One tweeted: "How are Phil and Holly keeping a straight face? Where did the producers find a woman who is waiting for a blow up Alien to propose to her, after it abducted her and took her on his spaceship?"Another wrote: "Big shout out to Phil and Holly for not p****** themselves laughing."Abbie spoke in depth about her union with the other-worldly being but said that she "didn't want to reveal too much" incase the "FBI come and interrogate her".She confirmed that there are "many types of aliens, not just one" and that "some of them come to earth" while "some don't".The star said that "in general" the aliens "don't want to come to Earth" because humans have a "sense of entitlement" and think that "aliens want to take over the world".Abbie scathingly remarked that it is apparently considered a "downgrade" for an alien being to visit Earth.However, there are "aliens that are here all the time" but unfortunately Abbie can't spot them as they're "invisible to the naked eye," but "when they want to be
Phillip Schofield slams 'callous' This Morning guest telling people to get a job
This Morning fans were left in shock after guest Beverly Turner commented on the cost of living crisis, which left presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield less than impressed.The show began with the cast on the sofa as they focussed on the top news stories for the day.However, things took a tense turn when Beverly shared her thoughts on the topic of the cost of living.Holly brought up a story about a family who spent time in McDonalds to avoid using electricity, sometimes even brushing their teeth, and Beverly said that she "doesn't think there are that many people" in that situation and urged them to "put it into perspective".Holly quipped: "But someone is. This story hasn't just been made up, this is reality for someone and even if it's just one person, that is terrible."Beverly noted that she sounded "incredibly callous" as she excused her thought process on the "employment shortage".She claimed that the country has "more jobs now that ever before," to which Holly asked her how parents will "pay for childcare".Beverly went on: "If your children are at school all day, I'm sorry, unless you have a mental health problem or a severe illness - in which case I would urge anyone to get help for that - we have cafes, restaurants, shops, everyone is desperate for staff."She claimed that the nation are "queuing like never before" and "everywhere she goes," she "can't get the service".Turner said that there are "jobs out there for people to use" but assured the hosts that she doesn't want to see families living in McDonalds.Phillip then said: "It does sound rather callous because of the mere fact, as Holly said, they're in McDonalds with their kids.
Holly Marie Willoughby (born 10 February 1981) is an English television presenter, model and author. She is currently the co-presenter of This Morning (2009–present) and Dancing on Ice (2006–2011, 2018–present) alongside Phillip Schofield.