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You can now buy a life-sized replica of the ‘M3GAN’ doll

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M3GAN – the murderous robot doll from the 2023 horror film of the same name – to your family; minus its killer intent.Replica doll manufacturer the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA) has announced that life-sized replicas of the creepy robot from M3GAN are now available for pre-order.

However, unlike the film it’s based on, NECA’s replicas won’t come with animatronics or any form of circuitry.Instead, the replica doll will be just that – a posable doll that ins’t capable of much else (and if you’ve seen the movie, that’s probably a good thing).

The M3GAN replica stands at 55inches tall, and will cost around USD$500 before shipping. Pre-order your replica here.According to NECA’s post on social media, the doll is crafted from her “on-screen appearance, duplicated from actual film-used digital files to be the most screen-accurate representation available”.

NECA also wrote that the doll features moveable eyes, “clothing made from film-used patterns” and that the fabric material and shoes are detailed to match her appearance in the film.A post shared by NECA Toys (@necaofficial)M3GAN – an abbreviation of Model 3 Generative Android – was the key antagonist of the 2023 horror film, directed by Gerard Johnstone.

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