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Richard Gadd says ‘Baby Reindeer’ crew cried while filming traumatic fourth episode
Content warning: this article discusses rape and sexual assault.Baby Reindeer creator Richard Gadd has revealed that some crew members were moved to tears by the series’ traumatic fourth episode.The series, which has topped Netflix UK’s viewership charts for the last three weeks, tells the semi-autobiographical story of Donny, a struggling comedian who is stalked by an older woman named Martha. Adapted from a one-man play, it is based on events in Gadd’s own life, and he stars in the lead role.As the seven-episode series progresses, it is gradually revealed that Donny has suffered trauma in his past, which is affecting how he is dealing with his stalker.In the fourth episode the details of this incident come to light, as it is revealed he was groomed and raped by an older, successful male television writer.The episode details how the two meet and develop a working relationship, before Darrien grooms Donny with hard drugs over an extended period of time, before eventually assaulting him.Appearing at the Directors Guild Of America in Los Angeles alongside Baby Reindeer co-stars Jessica Gunning and Nava Mau, Gadd revealed how filming the difficult episode took its toll on the crew.“We did close the set, but I was looking over and you’d see the props guys wiping tears from their eyes as they would be putting the props back how they should be,” Gadd shared (via The Independent).“The show was based in such a trauma that everyone on set felt at times it was a huge, weighty thing,” he continued.