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Bam Margera breaks wrist in skateboarding accident

Bam Margera has broken his wrist for the 10th time in a freak skateboarding accident after taking time out from an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting to try some tricks. The 'Jackass ' star was attending an AA meeting across the road from a skate park and took his chance to try out some moves during a 30-minute break in the session - but one trick went horribly wrong and left him with broken bones. Bam told TMZ.

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Christian Horner pictured with green Red Bull after Aston Martin copycat questions
Christian Horner was pictured with a green Red Bull can in Friday's first practice session in what appears to be a sly dig towards Aston Martin following copycat questions.A host of teams have introduced upgrade packages ahead of this weekend's Barcelona Grand Prix with Aston Martin among them - but it quickly led to an investigation due to the likeness to rivals Red Bull.The Milton Keynes-based team accused Aston Martin of copying their design and questioned whether any of their intellectual property was stolen, with Horner saying it was a 'grave concern'.That launched an investigation from the FIA and the conclusion was Aston Martin had completed 'legitimate independent work' and were therefore not liable for punishment or action.Aston Martin have poached a number of Red Bull employees in recent months and, ahead of the weekend, a new design was showcased featuring heavily undercut sidepods and stepped, ramp design on the top bodywork - something Red Bull have had since the second pre-season weekend.Formula One regulations make it clear that intellectual property cannot be copied, nor can any aspect of a car's design be reverse engineered - with both Aston Martin and Red Bull having to submit evidence of their progress before a verdict was passed clearing the former of any wrongdoing.Prior to the verdict of the investigation, Aston Martin had been dubbed the 'green Red Bull' by many spectators and members of the media - and it appears Christian Horner utilised this to make a sly dig in the direction of his rivals.HAVE YOUR SAY! Do you believe that Aston Martin's mirror image of Red Bull was a coincidence? Comment below.During the first free practice session on Friday in Barcelona, Horner could be seen on the pit wall