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Elon Musk’s ex-wife described ‘alpha’ behaviour ‘rendering her disposable’ in resurfaced essay

essay written by Elon Musk’s first wife during their messy divorce proceedings has drawn renewed attention this week after a flight attendant accused the billionaire of exposing himself during a trip on a private jet. Justine Musk, mother of the SpaceX executive’s five sons, wrote the essay in 2010 for Marie Claire magazine, describing how the couple’s love story eventually turned into a relationship in which she did not recognise herself. She described “warning signs,” even on the night they were married.

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Harry and Meghan 'should have Googled their dog's name' as Romanians mock it as 'rude'
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have bizarrely been mocked by Twitter users from Romania after they revealed their dog’s name is slang in their country for “penis”.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s dog Pula, a Labrador, was named after the currency in Botswana.However, not all names have the same meaning as Harry and Meghan found out via the social media platform.According to Romanian users on Twitter, Pula is a commonly used slang word in their country to describe someone's male genitalia.One wrote: “Surely someone in their group would have Googled Pula to ensure it wasn’t Romanian for penis?”Another said: “Quite a shock to see it in print…!!!”According to Marie Claire, the name also means “rain”’ in Setswana, a language spoken in Botswana, and is considered a blessing due to its rarity.Harry and Meghan adopted the dog in 2018 but the name was not revealed until two years later.The name was eventually revealed in the book Finding Freedom, and details the couple’s trip to Botswana.The Duke and Duchess were reported to have stayed at a £1,500-a-night tent in Meno A Kwena and it is where Meghan urged Harry to start to adopt a healthier lifestyle by introducing him to yoga and meditation.The couple now have two dogs, Pula and another rescue dog named Guy, who Meghan has had before meeting Harry.Meghan also had another dog before meeting Harry, a Labrador-German shepherd cross Bogart.The dog never came to live with the couple and was instead left in Canada, while Guy travelled to the UK.It was expected that Bogart would return to Meghan when they moved to the US but a source revealed he did not get on with Harry.Speaking to the Sun, a close associate of Meghan said: “Bogart never took to Harry when they spent time together in