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Meghan Markle's last-ditch attempt to salvage famous friendship as network 'falls apart'

Meghan Markle is said to be making eleventh hour attempts to save her famous friendships, including sending a subtle message to Beyoncé in public. The royal reportedly wore a specific clothing brand while shooting a new Netflix series in Beverly Hills Park last week with the aim of letting the singer know that "they're still friends", according to a celebrity insider.The Duchess of Sussex, 42, was spotted "specifically" wearing a tracksuit from Beyoncé's Ivy Park brand at the shoot.

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Beyoncé accused of copyright infringement on ‘Break My Soul’
Beyoncé has been hit with a copyright lawsuit over her hit song ‘Break My Soul’.The filing has been put forward by a New Orleans group called Da Showstoppaz, who claim that the pop star is guilty of copyright infringement with her hit ‘Renaissance’ track.The issue stems from Beyoncé’s 2022 song sampling Big Freedia – who the band claim unlawfully used lyrics from their track ‘Release A Wiggle’, which they shared back in 2002.Members of the band, Tessa Avie, Keva Bourgeois, Henri Braggs, and Brian Clark, all filed a complaint to the Louisiana federal court yesterday (May 22). In the filing, they alleged that Bey sampled Big Freedia’s 2014 track ‘Explode’ – however, the latter unlawfully used “copyrighted lyrics, melody, and musical arrangement” from their own track, making the feature in ‘Break My Soul’ unlawful.As well as the ‘Cowboy Carter’ singer, Big Freedia, Sony Music, Jay-Z and more have been named as defendants.“Defendants used Plaintiffs’ words, melody, and musical arrangement from their copyrighted works to create an album as homage to ‘uncle Johnny’ who exposed the music and culture of the LGBTQ community of greater New Orleans, of which three members are strongly affiliated with themselves, all displayed in its full force — the tone, actual words, melody, musical arrangement of bounce music,” the suit claims (via Rolling Stone).It goes on to recall how the song has seen huge success due to it topping the US singles chart, being played frequently on her ‘Renaissance’ tour, and appearing in her accompanying documentary film about the live shows.“Mrs.
Beyoncé added to new edition of French dictionary Le Petit Larousse
Beyoncé‘s first name will be included in the new edition of the French encyclopaedic dictionary Le Petit Larousse.As Sky News reports, more than 150 new words have been added to the 120th version of the book this year.The ‘Cowboy Carter’ star will appear as an entry alongside celebrities such as Cate Blanchett, French actor Omar Sy, Oppenheimer director Christopher Nolan, and French rugby captain Antoine Dupont.Many additions “reflect concerns, developments or strong movements” in 2024, Carine Girac-Marinier, director of the dictionaries and encyclopaedias department, told French news magazine Le Point.As Marie Claire notes, “Beyoncé” will be accompanied by the definition “American singer of R&B and pop”.Many fans have responded to the nod on social media, with one writing: “That’s when you know you’ve succeeded.” Another person said: “Beyoncé’s influence knows no bounds!” A third user commented: “Star power.”“Creole French queen,” wrote someone else, referring to Beyoncé’s Louisiana Creole ancestry (via Nola).In 2004, the term “bootylicious” – featured in Destiny’s Child 2001 hit single of the same name – was added to the Oxford English Dictionary with the definition “(of a woman) sexually attractive”.Other new additions to the Le Petit Larousse include the English phrases “fast fashion” and “skate park”, as well as “platisme” (the French term for the Flat Earth theory).In February, Beyoncé made history by becoming the first Black woman to reach Number One on the US country chart with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’.
Riding with Bey: How Beyoncé got Willie Jones to saddle up in the ‘fourth quarter’ for ‘Cowboy Carter’
“Texas Hold ’Em” singer made a last-minute pitch to country upstart Willie Jones to appear on her new “Cowboy Carter” opus — with the album deadline fast approaching to make her March 29 release date — it was either go big or stay home.“It was literally in the fourth quarter,” Jones, 29, told The Post of recording his “Just for Fun” duet with Beyoncé in the final stages of “Cowboy Carter.” “It was literally … end of February, February 20-something.”Jones got the call that would change his life from Alex Vickery, who produced his vocals on “Just for Fun” — which, despite its title, is a decidedly moody meditation.“She’s like, ‘Are you sitting down?’ I was like, ‘Yeah.’ And she’s like, ‘You know Beyoncé is working on a country album … [and] she loves your voice.’ I was like, ‘Are you serious?’ She was like, ‘Can you come out here tomorrow?’ I was like, ‘Send the car.’ ”And now the Shreveport, Louisiana native is galloping into history as one of the Black country artists spotlighted by Beyoncé Knowles Carter on “Cowboy Carter” — the undisputed event record of 2024 — which just scored the biggest sales week of the year in its chart-topping debut on the Billboard 200. Released to rave reviews (including mine), the LP also made Queen B the first Black woman to reign over the Billboard Top Country Albums chart, while simultaneously holding the top three spots on the Hot Country Songs chart led by her No.
Beyoncé fans think ‘Act III’ could be a rock album – and here’s what they want from it
Beyoncé fans are speculating that her next album could see her venture down a rock route.The rumours about potential new directions for Bey arrive less than a week after ‘Cowboy Carter’ dropped – the second part of her ‘Renaissance’ trilogy, which saw her experiment with country music.The album has made countless headlines already, including for Beyoncé becoming the first Black woman to reach Number One on the US country chart with ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’, the first Black woman to score a Number One country album in the US charts, and gathering support from huge names including Michelle Obama and Paul McCartney.However, eager fans are already getting their eyes set on what part three will hold, and many are convinced it will see Beyoncé turn her focus to rock music.Rumours have run rampant for a while, although got a huge boost back in February after the singer donned an impressive mullet for a CR Fashion Book photo shoot. Since the release of ‘Cowboy Carter’, they have continued to expand – particularly after the ‘Lemonade’ singer sent flowers to Jack White, and personally thanked him for how much he influenced her on the new record.As highlighted by Complex, her nods towards the rock genre have also been seen throughout her career, including her close relationship with rock and roll legend Tina Turner, time working alongside Prince, and a surprise appearance at the Coldplay Super Bowl Halftime Show.Now, fans have begun sharing their thoughts on who Bey could collaborate with to make the album into a reality, and shared their suggestions for who could work with her sound.“Now if Beyonce’s does do a Rock album imma need to see Paramore on it,” one fan wrote on X, urging the singer to lock in a duet with Hayley Williams.
Beyoncé becomes first Black woman to land US Number One country album with ‘Cowboy Carter’
Beyoncé has become the first Black woman to score a Number One country album with ‘Cowboy Carter’ in the US charts.The music icon’s new country-inspired album has topped Billboard’s Top Country Albums, making history in the process as the first Black woman ever to do so, as revealed yesterday (April 7).The new record also debuted at Number One, her eighth album to top the Billboard 200 charts.Billboard revealed that, at 407,000 units, ‘Cowboy Carter’ claimed the biggest week of 2024 so far and the largest since Taylor Swift’s ‘1989 (Taylor’s Version)’ reached 1.653 million units on the November 11, 2023 list back in October.‘Cowboy Carter’ also scored other achievements including Beyoncé’s biggest week by units since ‘Lemonade’ debuted at Number One with 653,000 units in 2016.The achievement follows a similar feat back in February when Beyoncé became the first Black woman to reach Number One on the US country chart with her new single ‘Texas Hold ‘Em’.She also became the second solo female act – with no accompanying featured artists – to debut at Number One, with Swift achieving this in 2021 with her re-recorded versions of ‘Love Story’ and ‘All Too Well’.Additionally, Beyoncé was announced as the first woman to top both the Hot Country Songs and Hot R&B/Hip-Hip Songs charts since these run-downs began in 1958.