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How Puppetry Transformed Josh Groban Transformed Into ‘The Beast’

Jazz Tangcay Artisans Editor When costume designer Marina Toybina was tasked with building the Beast costume for ABC’s live action “Beauty and the Beast” broadcast, she looked beyond what Disney and the Broadway show had previously done. Instead, she found inspiration in puppetry. Josh Groban, who played the enchanted prince-turned-Beast, would not be relying on prosthetics and makeup for his transformation. Toybina instead built a hollowed-out puppet that stood at around 10 feet tall. Within that, she ensured there was enough mobility for Groban, and with the aid of rods, he would be able to move the arms and feet, all built via a backpack structure. Says Toybina of the contraption, “I wanted to lean into the narrative that there’s this prince trapped inside of a beast.”

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‘Yellowjackets’ Composers Says Misty’s Dream Sequence Song Is ‘Punk and Kind of ‘Sweeney Todd’
Jazz Tangcay Artisans Editor “Yellowjackets” composers and songwriters Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker jumped at the chance to write the original music and lyrics contender “Sit Right Down” for Episode 7 of the Showtime series.“We were deep into the blood, fragmentation, descent and sanity-shattering music,” Wedren says, referring to the events that the survivors have to endure this season. The producers asked them to write an “MGM, old school standard number meets Bob Fosse.” The dream sequence happens as Simone Kessell’s Lottie asks the adult Yellowjackets to choose a therapy option treatment at her “wellness retreat.” Misty, played by Christina Ricci, finds herself in a sensory tank after picking “Guidance.” She needs it. In the teen timeline, Misty (played by Samantha Hanratty) makes a new bestie in Crystal, a fellow theater lover. Except, Misty’s openness with her BFF during a round of rapid-fire secrets comes to a sad end when Misty confesses she sabotaged the flight’s black box recorder. Mortified, Crystal asks if Misty will “poison her,” to which she replies “I’ll fucking kill you.” Moments later, Crystal has accidentally fallen off the cliff to her death. Meanwhile, adult Misty is racking up the “deaths” after kidnapping and spiking a reporter’s cigarette.
‘Fast X’ First Reactions Range From ‘Clunky’ to ‘Heartfelt’ to ‘Jason Momoa Is God-Level’
has returned to the “Fast and Furious” franchise, the film had one of its first screenings, and you know what that means: The first reactions are in.So how do viewers feel about “Fast X,” the latest installment of the retroactively named “Fast Saga”? Is the #Family thrilled? Or did the new Dom Toretto and Friends adventure blow a gasket?Well to answer that question, it seems some people loved it, some people noted a lot of flaws, and as is usual for this series, often they were the same people. But everyone seems to agree that Jason Momoa is an absolute delight as the film’s villain, and that the spectacle rules.“Jason Momoa is a high front runner for Best Supporting Actor at next years Oscars,” The Atom Review crowed.“Jason Momoa is an utterly brilliant bad-ass, nuts and just delightful,” VAriety’s Jazz Tangcay said, adding, “see is on the biggest screen and buckle up because it’s a wildly entertaining ride.”Gizmodo’s Germain Lussier was much more negative, declaring “Fast X to be “the worst Fast yet.” However, he adds, “Jason Momoa is God-Level in it and worth the price of admission.”Meanwhile Collider’s Steven Weintraub said “the best part of “Fast X is Jason Momoa,” adding “Rest of the movie is exactly what you’re expecting.”Read on for more reactions:#FASTX Jason Momoa is an utterly brilliant bad-ass, nuts and just delightful.