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UK students begin Gaza protests after “horrifying” arrests at US universities
The Guardian, a lecturer at Columbia Law School called Bassam Khawaja said that he was “horrified to see Columbia invite police onto our campus for the second time this month to arrest our students”.Since the arrests, both faculty and non-resident students have been prevented from entering campus, and the scenes at the university have sparked a new sense of anger among UK students – with a shared sense of solidarity leading to more protests being planned.Speaking with The Guardian, David Maguire – the vice-chancellor of the University of East Anglia (UEA) – explained how protests at UK universities have been generally peaceful, but could easily escalate into scenes similar to those in the US.Among those planning demonstrations are students, staff and alumni from the universities of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam, who form a group called the Sheffield Campus Coalition for Palestine, and have already begun an encampment in solidarity with the people in Gaza.An encampment is also being held at the University of Warwick, which has been going on since last week, as well as one in Newcastle, which is said to include over 40 students.For the latter, organisers stated that students were left outraged after the university reportedly signed a partnership with Leonardo SpA – a defence and security company which they claim is responsible for the laser-targeting system used in the Israel Defense Forces’ F-35 fighter jets.Elsewhere, there was a May Day student walkout in Leeds in solidarity with Palestine, students in Bristol established an encampment in Royal Fort Gardens, and the University of York revealed that it “no longer holds investments in companies that primarily make or sell weapons and defence-related products or
Dozens more artists join Great Escape 2024 boycott, as half the line-up demands festival drop Barclays sponsor in solidarity with Palestine
Great Escape festival, with over half the line-up demanding the festival drop their sponsorship with Barclays in solidarity with Palestine.The Brighton-based festival is sponsored by the bank, which has been a source of controversy amid the current events in Gaza because of the bank’s financial investment in companies that supply arms to Israel.The issue was first highlighted by a petition started by the promoter How to Catch a Pig and the band The Menstrual Cramps, and has since been signed by artists including Kneecap, Lambrini Girls, Alfie Templeman, Lip Critic, Wunderhorse and Mary in the Junkyard who have urged the festival to drop Barclays as a sponsor.Then, Cherym pulled out of playing Great Escape due to the festival’s connection with Barclays bank before record labels Alcopop and Big Scary Monsters joined the boycott and pulled out of the festival.Now, dozens more have joined the boycott over the controversial partnership. The latest to drop out of performing include Lambrini Girls, ‌ZHEANI, Rett Madison, Mui Zyu, Hongza, Sarah Crean, LVRA, Ideal Living, Van Zon, COMRAD, Other Half, Cherym and Borough Council.‌Speaking about their decision not to play the festival, Lambrini Girls issued a statement saying: “We will not be appearing at The Great Escape festival this year.