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Jon Hamm's Picket Line Sign Is an Epic 'Mad Men' Callback
Jon Hamm knows how to make a statement on the picket lines!When the star took to the streets with his fellow actors on Tuesday, amid the ongoing WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, he made a hilarious throwback reference to his iconic portrayal of advertising boss Don Draper on .Hamm's pal, Sarah Silverman, shared the pic of him with his sign which reads, «That's what the money is for!»A post shared by Sarah Silverman (@sarahkatesilverman)The line is a callback to a season 4 episode of the show, titled «The Suitcase» — and is one of the most-quoted and remembered exchanges on the fast-talking series. In a tense exchange in the episode, Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) is upset with Don because he got credit for an idea of hers.«It's your job! I give you money, you give me ideas!» Don protests as Peggy grows emotional.«And you never say thank you!» she cries.«That's what the money is for!» Don bellows back.Hamm recently tied the knot with actress Anna Osceola, who co-starred with him on the series finale, as well as in When ET sat down with Hamm — who will next appear opposite Jennifer Aniston in season 3 of — back in December 2020, he admitted that, while he has fond memories of he never wants to return to the show for a reboot or revival.«I'm of the belief that when a story's told, it's probably done being told,» he shared.