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Oct. 7 Survivor Ariel Ein-Gal Tells His Story To Hollywood Community: A Guest Column On Nightmarish Day In Israel
The IDF’s ground war in Gaza to root out the Hamas perpetrators of the Oct 7 terror attack has prompted demonstrations as casualties and the death toll mounts. As tensions continue to mount, groups of benefactors have focused on not allowing Oct 7 to be dismissed. After 45 minutes of gruesome footage shot by terrorists was shown in Hollywood and New York, some survivors are being flown to Hollywood to speak. That happened Saturday at the home of producer Lawrence Bender, and more than 100 gathered to hear the experiences of several survivors. One was Ella Shani, a 14-year old survivor of the attack on her Kubbutz Be’eri. Her father and neighbors were murdered, and her 16 year old cousin was kidnapped and is being held hostage. Another is Tomer Peretz, an Israel American artist on holiday in Israel when he volunteered with the Zaka-Rapid response unit of volunteers for mass casualty disasters, and was one of the first men to witness the carnage. The third was Ariel Ein-Gal, who was on the beach asleep when the missiles started pounding the beach, and suddenly terrorists landed by boat, firing AK-47s at him and his friends. Here is Ariel’s account of his harrowing experience, written as a guest column for Deadline.