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Love Island’s Paige Thorne looks amazing as she dances in her underwear

FORMER Love Island star danced up a storm on social media as she showed off her moves to her fans online. The reality star took to her TikTok to show off her daily routine where she was seen dancing in her underwear. The media personality posted a montage clip to the videoblogging platform.

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Earth's northernmost town where it's 'illegal to die', you need a gun and cats are banned
Read more: Overwater villas cheaper than the Maldives – from Dubai to Doha and GreeceBeing on the edge of the earth, the typical weather in winter can drop to around minus 30 degrees Celsius but in the winter, people can see dizzying highs of 7C.According to statistics from DataReportal from this year, it is home to an estimated 2,552 people from over 40 different countries including Thailand, Russia and Sweden.Svalbard, which is classed as part of Norway, is a popular destination for tourists due to its broad range of attractions such as the ice caves, dogsledding and of course, it’s the perfect place to see the northern lights. The archipelago has one of the world’s largest untouched wilderness areas and animals such as polar bears and reindeer roam around freely.While every region has its own way of doing things, Svalbard is no exception and they have laws that may baffle those not accustomed to the way of life there, ranging from alcohol limits to even 'a ban on dying'.Let's start with the strict animal rules - cats are banned in Svalbard to protect the rich bird life so while you’re on the archipelago don’t be surprised at the lack of felines.While there are bars, restaurants, schools and a university, there isn’t a maternity ward in Svalbard meaning pregnant women have to go to the mainland in Norway around a month before giving birth.
Overwater villas cheaper than the Maldives – from Dubai to Doha and Greece
READ MORE: Greek hotel boasts overwater bungalows that are far cheaper than the Maldives But, the biggest thing to put holidaymakers off is the price.A night in an overwater villa in the Indian Ocean can cost thousands of pounds.Luckily, other holiday destinations are realising the attraction of a room directly over the water.And, Brits can now indulge in a Maldives-style trip a bit closer to home as hotels in the UAE and Qatar launch their overwater villas.Both Banana Island Doha resort and the Anantara The Palm are apparently offering the luxe room-type that lets you leap from your room to the ocean.Or, you can slip into the lagoon instead if you prefer.Glass floor panels let you gaze into the water and infinity pools are also an option for those who prefer fresh water to sea water.And, Dubai is a much shorter flight than the Maldives – it takes around seven hours to get there.A return flight costs around £520 non-stop to Dubai on a British Airways flight taking 7 hours according to Google Flights.That’s a decent saving compared to the Maldives as Google Flights shows the cheapest option from London to Male will cost £559 taking 21 hours and with two stops!The cheapest non-stop option to Male takes 10 hours 20 minutes and costs a whopping £843. Rooms at Anatara's Dubai resort start from £181 according to the Telegraph.
MAFS UK's Jess accuses dating expert of painting her as 'b***h' in heated clash
Married At First Sight UK took a heated turn when new bride Jess Potter clashed with the show's dating guru, Paul Brunson.The hit Channel 4 show certainly packed a punch on Thursday night (September 8) when the newly-weds faced their first Commitment Ceremony.The Commitment Ceremony is a chance for each couple to open up about their feelings towards one another in front of the show's dating experts.READ MORE: Married At First Sight UK rocked by huge affair as wife runs off with other husband The couples often dish on intimate details such as their sex life and any issues they might be facing before revealing whether or not they'd like to "stay" or "walk away" from their partner.But Jess got embroiled in a fierce row with dating guru Paul Brunson after he told her she wasn't showing her husband Pjay enough physical affection.It came after the 31-year-old dental hygienistadmitted she wanted her partner to have a house, something which stripper Jay doesn't own.Jess was fuming and accused him of making her look like a "b***h" on television.The reality star broke down in tears on her wedding day after she found out Pjay, 31, works as a stripper.She could be heard telling her mum: "He’s a stripper and he lives at home with his mum."The bride even threatened to cancel their honeymoon to the Maldives as she was so unhappy with the husband the show had chosen for her.But Jess was forced to take to Twitter and hit out at trolls sending her death threats following her meltdown.She said: "Can people stop sending me death threats because I’ve literally done f*** all wrong in this situation."She added: "You were not at my wedding. Let’s remember it’s edited so not everything you see is what happened.