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Rare coin collector warns 50p worth £25k could be 'scam' and what to look out for

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A coin collector has issued a warning about a specific 50p piece that can reportedly sell for £25,000 online.The Kew Gardens 50p coin, of which there are only 210,000 in circulation, is highly sought after and can secure you a pretty penny worth hundreds, if not thousands.

However, TikTok user @CoinCollectingWizard, has cautioned against buying coins for extortionate price tag when it comes to a Brexit coin from 2020.

He explained: "So why on Earth would it be worth £25,000 you ask? Well it wouldn't, sometimes this common 50p you likely had in your change pops up on places with extortion price tags."But this is why you really need to do your own research as anyone can put those ridiculous price tags up and I promise you this 50p is just worth 50p." The coin enthusiast revealed there is a version of the coin that could potentially be worth £25,000, but it's extremely rare.

He said: "There is however, a very rare version of the coin where the date doesn't say the 31st January 2020. But this is very unlikely to ever be found so don't fall for these crazy prices".

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