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Fit for a Queen! King Charles' thoughtful gifts for Camilla's 77th birthday

Queen Camilla is marking her 77th birthday today (Wednesday, 17 July) with a thoughtful gift from her husband King Charles, a former royal butler has revealed. Celebrations are also expected to take place at their former Highgrove residence among friends along with a 'private' family lunch.The Royal Family are known to celebrate their birthdays privately and tend to keep any plans under wraps. While a social media tribute is often shared on any royal birthday, fans have often been left wondering what they get up to on their birthdays and what presents they gift each other.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle are likely ‘drowning out the outside noise’ amid ESPYs backlash: They’re ‘very used to criticism’
the recent blowback from Harry’s ESPY Award nod proved to be no different.Harry, 39, was named the recipient of the Pat Tillman Award for Service at the 2024 ESPYs, and is set to be honored at Thursday’s star-studded ceremony hosted by Markle’s pal, Serena Williams.However, the announcement didn’t sit right with many, including the late hero’s mom, Mary Tillman, who slammed ESPN and claimed she was never consulted about the decision.As the backlash continued to plague the Duke’s military recognition, former royal butler Grant Harrold says that the duo aren’t experiencing anything they haven’t already.The Sussexes are “very used to the criticism, given everything that’s gone on over the last few years,” Harrold, who worked for King Charles for seven years, exclusively told The Post.“I’m sure they’ll be drowning out the outside noise by continuing with their normal and everyday life and trying not to turn on the television, or read the papers as much.”“They’re being talked about constantly, given their profiles,” he continued. “From what I remember, Harry was always an extremely private person, so I’m not sure how he’ll feel about that, but I can imagine his way of coping with the attention is to carry on as normal,” he added on behalf of Fruity Slots.Earlier this week, Harrold suggested that the father of two is “feeling quite sad” about the negative response to him being named as the award’s recipient.What’s more, the former royal staffer said it’s possible the Duke could decline the prestigious award.“He’d never want to cause any upset,” Harrold said.
Princess Anne likely to miss royal duties for weeks: It’s going to have a ‘big impact on her’
following a horse-related incident.Anne, The Princess Royal, was rushed to the hospital over the weekend after sustaining wounds to the head at the Gatcombe Park estate.As she remains under the watchful eye of doctors and nurses, King Charles’ former royal butler Grant Harrold says her absence will have a “big impact on her.”“Anne could be out of royal duties for the next few days or even weeks,” Harrold exclusively told The Post.“As one of the hardest-working members of the Royal family, it’s going to have a big impact on her.”The Princess Royal, 73, is said to have been injured by a horse during a stroll on the grounds of the royal residence Sunday evening.“This incident will probably make Anne even more determined to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” Harrold added.Princess Anne’s husband, Sir Timothy Laurence, as well as her daughter Zara Tindall and son Peter Phillips, were all on the estate at the time of the incident.Other senior members of the royal family were notified of Anne’s injuries on Sunday night.“I know she will want to recover quickly so she can get back to her royal duties,” Harrold said of the Princess on behalf of Slingo. “She’s somebody who wants to get on with what she’s expected to do.”Anne — the late Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip’s only daughter — has pulled the plug on all of her official duties slated for this week, including a State Visit, and a trip to Canada.“On doctors’ advice, Her Royal Highness’s engagements for the week ahead will be postponed.
Prince Harry, Meghan Markle are looking to split time between UK and US: ‘That was the original idea’
started looking into finding a UK home that he and his wife could keep for visiting instead of having to check into hotels each time.And according to former royal butler Grant Harrold, the rumored plan could be a strong indicator that the pair are looking to inch closer to Harry’s estranged family.“If Harry does buy a place in the UK, he and Meghan will live here for part of they year and part of the year in the States, that was the original idea,” Harrold exclusively told The Post.“I would assume that this would mean Meghan would also be coming to the UK and you’d see them spending so many months of the year here.”While the Sussexes are reportedly looking to add a UK property to their already-impressive real estate portfolio — which currently boasts a sprawling $14 million California mansion — Harrold notes that he doesn’t see the “Suits” alum moving back to London on a permanent basis.“I don’t see Meghan wanting to be in the UK permanently — I think that was the whole idea of why they went out to the States in the first place,” Harrold, who worked for King Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, said.“I can believe that Harry would like to be back here, he loves the UK.
Meghan Markle would break royal family’s ‘golden rule’ with rumored politics career: ‘It would impact Harry’
reportedly “endorsed” Markle as a woman she would back for the White House.But if the “Suits” alum was to venture out into the political sphere, the move would not only upset the Firm but affect her husband, Prince Harry, negatively.“The royals don’t get involved in politics and they never have, it’s always been a golden rule,” Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, exclusively told The Post.“If Meghan does — they are senior members of the royal family, despite not being working members of the family, so it wouldn’t be advisable.”Harrold noted that the Duke of Sussex, 39, could lose his last remaining royal post as Counsellor of State if his wife attempted to establish herself in the governmental arena.“I think it could have an impact on Harry’s status as a counsellor of state — if the King is unable to perform his duties, Harry can be called up to step in,” Harrold said on behalf of Fruity Slots.“However, if his wife is involved in politics, I think that could affect that as usually they’re not allowed to have any involvement in politics.”“If Meghan does go into politics, it’ll be interesting to see the impact it has on her husband,” he added.If the former actress was to try her hand at getting her foot in the door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., it wouldn’t be the first time a Hollywood star set their sights on politics.Actors including Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan established themselves in the political sphere after successful stints on the silver screen.The bodybuilder, 76, served as the 38th governor of California from 2003 to 2011, and Reagan starred in several Tinseltown features in the 1930s before becoming the 40th US president.Harrold’s comments echo that of
Prince Harry being forced to stay at London hotel shows ‘deteriorated’ relationship with royals: ‘It’s sad’
forced to check into a hotel room during his brief return to London this week.The Duke of Sussex, 39, touched down on home soil Tuesday to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games.But as the royal rift between him and the Firm rages on, Harry reportedly set up camp at a luxe London hotel for his stay.“I think that just shows the state of the relationship between Harry and the family,” Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, exclusively told The Post.“Obviously Harry did have apartments at Clarence House. Clarence House is a huge property — it just goes to show the divisions between him and the family.”“If you come to the UK and you have family here, you would probably stay with them, wouldn’t you? I think it’s a very clear signal that the relationship between Harry and his family has deteriorated,” Harrold said on behalf of Fruity Slots, adding that the situation is “sad.”The Post has reached out to Harry’s reps for comment.Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, were last year evicted from Frogmore Cottage — a royal residence they thought would “always be there for them.”The pair were gifted the property’s rent lease by the late Queen Elizabeth II after their 2018 wedding.
Inside King Charles and Queen Camilla’s romantic break as they jet off to Scotland
celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary, touched down at Aberdeen Airport Wednesday, from which they were whisked away to Birkhall, their Highland retreat located on the Balmoral Estate.While it’s unclear exactly how long the couple will enjoy some much-needed downtime, the pair — who flew from RAF Northolt in north-west London — are likely to spend some quality time given the chaotic start to the year the family has had.As Charles continues to receive cancer treatment, Camilla has been frequently stepping in for her husband to attend various royal engagements over the last few months.After landing in Scotland, the pair were driven for about an hour to their estate, where they’ll be spending some “private time” according to palace insiders.Charles’s love for the plush estate, which is nestled on the banks of the River Muick, is well-known, as he often visits whenever time allows.“It is such a special place, particularly because it was made by my grandmother. It is a childhood garden, and all I’ve done, really, is enhance it a bit,” the King told Country Life of the estate’s gardens. What’s more, the residence holds a special place in both of their hearts as it’s where they spent their honeymoon after tying the knot in 2005.Since then, they’ve made it their tradition to spend their anniversary at the estate each year.The pair, who tied the knot on April 9, 2005, celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary on Tuesday.They marked the occasion with a private celebration that included an intimate “romantic dinner,” according to the monarch’s former butler Grant Harrold.Charles, who is in the thick of his cancer treatment following his diagnosis in February, has been forced to hit the brakes on much of his royal agenda since
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s reconciliation with Kate, William is 100% ‘possible’: He’ll offer his help
respective cancer treatments.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be hoping for a temporary return to the UK’s royal fold, and have reportedly reached out to the Prince and Princess of Wales to make it happen.“A reconciliation with Harry and Meghan is totally possible, 100%,” the King’s former butler, Grant Harrold, exclusively told The Post. “I can believe, without any doubt, that Harry will be in touch with Kate and William and offering his help — whether they accept it or not is a very different matter, but I honestly believe Harry would have reached out personally and Meghan.”“Sadly, it’s times like this that brings families together and blood is thicker than water,” added Harrold.While they want to help the struggling royal family at a time of great emotional distress, it’s believed that the Sussexes are only interested in returning as working royals “on their own terms.”The Post revealed in February that Charles had been toying with the idea of having Harry back on a temporary basis, despite the Duke being kept at arm’s length from ongoing succession talks.But it soon emerged that Prince William was reportedly “blocking” Harry’s return to the royal fold in a desperate bid to protect his ailing wife.Harrold’s hopeful comments echo a similar sentiment expressed by royal commentator and historian Richard Fitzwilliams, who said the current situation could provide the “perfect opportunity” to mend the royal rift.“This is a dread situation, a major operation followed by cancer,” he said this week.
Kate Middleton, Prince William ‘sugarcoated’ cancer news to Louis — had ‘difficult conversation’ with George and Charlotte
been undergoing chemotherapy treatment after doctors discovered cancer during her planned abdominal surgery in January.It’s understood that the royal decided to share the news with the world that particular day as it was before her and William’s three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, 8, and Prince Louis, 5, left school for Easter break.And with Louis being significantly younger than his siblings, the pair no doubt approached the situation in a less straight-forward manner.“I’m sure it was a very difficult and very different conversation between children,” Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, exclusively told The Post. “For instance, for Louis I’m sure the conversation was more sugarcoated than it was with George and Charlotte.”“The older children can understand more, so I’d imagine it was a little more frank but undoubtedly staying positive, which is so important,” he explained.“That’s why when you now look at the picture of Kate with her three children, it brings a tear to your eye.
Princess Eugenie is ‘reluctant’ to take on more royal duties as it ‘takes up your whole life’: ex-butler
Kate Middleton, 42, out of the fold as they undergo their respective cancer treatments, the royals have been grasping at straws to have certain members step up and take on more work.And according to Grant Harrold, who worked for Charles for seven years when he was the Prince of Wales, Princess Eugenie is not looking to add anymore to her plate at this time.“Princess Eugenie is probably cautious to step up to Royal duties because it does take up your whole life. I’ve seen the schedules and you can’t switch it on and off,” Harrold told The Post.Eugenie, who welcomed her second son in May 2023 with husband Jack Brooksbank, is simply not prepared for the intense demands stepping up entails, Harrold notes.“Eugenie is very keen to have her own career and that’s something she is very passionate about – so yes, she probably is reluctant to take on royal duties,” he said of the Princess, who celebrated her 34th birthday over the weekend.“She’s currently a non-working Royal but as times become more desperate, it’s very likely we will see her move from that to become a working senior member of the family.”Elsewhere, Harrold notes that with Eugenie being close to both Prince William and Prince Harry, it could very much mean that she can act as a “peacemaker” between the feuding brothers.“Eugenie is very close to William and Harry, she always has been, always will be,” he notes.