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People are struggling to find hidden chip in brainteaser – see if you can do it

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With the new week in full swing, it's time to test your observation skills with a tricky puzzle.Said to help improve memory and boost productivity, brainteasers work by challenging your ability to spot hidden anomalies in busy images or objects.

Now this one appears to have caught many players out after it was shared to Reddit - with many complaining it took them too long to solve.The challenge, taken from an American restaurant, asks players to find a series of hidden images - one of which proved elusive for one diner.

In a photo captioned 'Find the Chip' in the FindTheSniper subreddit, a user penned: "Help needed. Kids and I can't find it."Since it was shared, many took to the comments section as one said: "This one took me longer than it should have".

While a second Redditor expanded: "I thought this was like reverse find the sniper where the only thing wasn't circled below was the chip.

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