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‘Twisters’ Review: Disaster Movie Reboot Offers Spectacle But Little Substance

The original Twister, released in 1996, emerged during a golden age in Hollywood that erased the previously held threshold that kept A-list actors away from B-movie material. It didn’t get much better than casting John Malkovich as Cyrus the Virus in Jerry Bruckheimer’s 1997 blockbuster bruiser Con Air, but making Helen Hunt the lead in a disaster movie — just a year away from winning an Oscar opposite Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets — certainly gave Twister some unexpected gravitas. Twisters, however, is part of a more recent phenomenon: the Sundance-to-tentpole pipeline that started when in 2012 Colin Trevorrow went straight from Safety Not Guaranteed to Jurassic World.

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Bryce Dallas Howard Says She Was Pressured to Lose Weight for ‘Jurassic World’ Films
“Jurassic World Dominion.”When asked by Metro UK what being in “Dominion” meant for female representation in action films, Howard revealed that she had been asked to lose weight for the franchise.“What being in this third film allowed, how do I say this, how do I say this, how do I say this…[I’ve] been asked to not use my natural body in cinema… On the third movie, it was actually because there were so many women cast, it was something that Colin [Trevorrow] felt very strongly about in terms of protecting me…because the conversation came up again, ‘we need to ask Bryce to lose weight.’”Howard continued, adding that director and co-writer Colin Trevorrow pointed to the larger female ensemble in “Dominion” (which also included DeWanda Wise, Laura Dern and Dichen Lachman) as reason to make room for different female body types when advocating for Howard.“He was like, ‘There are lots of different kinds of women on this planet and there are lots of different kinds of women in our film’ and I got to do so many stunts that wouldn’t have been possible if I had been dieting.”Howard has not been shy about speaking up about her experience as a woman in a blockbuster franchise, previously revealing that the pay gap between her and co-star Chris Pratt was substantial and locked in for the trilogy of films.“When I started negotiating for ‘Jurassic,’ it was 2014, and it was a different world, and I was at a great disadvantage,” Howard said in August.