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Love Island's Iain Stirling reacts to news contestants will only wear secondhand clothes

Love Island star Iain Stirling has praised the "eco" 2022 season of the ITV2 dating series on The One Show.The voiceover artist and comedian, 34, appeared on the BBC evening programme on Friday (May 20) alongside hosts Alex Jones and Ronan Keating.Asked about the forthcoming "eco" run of Love Island, which will see contestants where second-hand clothing, Iain said: "We're going 'pre-loved' this year on the clothing."He later added: "It absolutely is [a move in the right direction]. "The fashion industry has a big impact on the climate and all those sorts of things so it's great that we're stepping away from [fast fashion] and moving to pre-loved."Iain appeared on The One Show alongside celebrity guests Rose Leslie and Florence Welch.During his interview, the comedian also opened up about welcoming a child with his Love Island co-star Laura Whitmore.Iain and Laura welcomed their first daughter together in March last year.On how the married couple had adjusted to being parents, Iain described parenting as "the best thing".He said: "Obviously, it's a big adjustment but it's just the best thing just watching this little person learn to laugh and play."So, it's amazing.Giving a shout-out to his presenter wife, Iain added: "I'm so lucky to have Laura by my side to help out and I'll obviously help out where I can and it's a collaborative effort."We're a tripod."This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.

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The One Show's Alex Jones warns Roman Kemp he'll be axed after mocking co-star
BBC star Alex Jones wasn't tolerating any nonsense on The One Show on Friday night, that's for sure.The 45-year-old was joined by English radio host Roman Kemp who took up the hosting role with her on the green sofa.Things turned sour when the pair were discussing the FA Cup celebrating a landmark birthday when Roman made a rude gesture but hilarious about her co-host Jermaine Jenas.Roman was stopped in his tracks and shut down quickly by Alex who warned him he'd "be gone" if her carried on.Updating on the segment, Roman explained: "Now this weekend at Wembley, one famous trophy is celebrating a very big birthday and at a moment we’ll be live at the stadium to see how preparations are going for the FA Cup final."Alex added: "Now unfortunately our Jermaine never won it himself."At which point, football loving and Arsenal fan Roman made a celebratory fist as he chimed: "Yesss," so that Alex could hear.After realising what Capital FM presenter had said she lunged to the defence of her co-star Jermaine and warned him he'd be off the show.Pointing at him, she said: "Stop it, you’ll be gone after that.""I can’t help it," laughed Roman.Meanwhile, Roman, 29, who is fast approaching his mile stone birthday explained that he'd taken action to check out his fertility as he wants to be a dad in the future.
‘He's in trouble!’ The One Show's Alex Jones warns UK Eurovision entry about Rylan Clark
The One Show star Alex Jones cheekily warned British Eurovision contestant Sam Ryder that a boozy night out might be in store for him if presenter Rylan Clark has anything to do with it.Sam, Rylan and co-presenter Scott Mills joined Alex and her co-star Ronan Keating remotely as Alex jokingly begged the SPACE MAN singer to hold off on his big night out until after the finals on Saturday night.Alex and Ronan were joined remotely on The One Show by the UK’s Eurovision crew live from Turin. Sam, who hopes to turn Britain’s Eurovision reputation around with his hit song SPACE MAN, was flanked by grinning co-presenters Rylan and Scott.After checking in to see what the competition was looking like, Alex couldn’t resist making a cheeky remark about Rylan’s legendary tradition of taking the UK’s entry on a night out before the grand final. Alex said: “I know, Rylan, that you’ve been in trouble in the past because you’ve got this tradition of taking out the UK entry the night before the competition for a big night out and then it all goes a bit pear (shaped)."Turning to TikTok sensation Sam, she continued: “Now Sam, you need to be aware, he’s into tequila.”While Alex continued with an air of mock sincerity, the three men fell about laughing as they heard what she was saying through their earpieces.Rylan, however, was keen to clarify that he was assuredly not sabotaging the competition with any boozy nights out this year. “Listen, Sam has been extremely good this week, he’s been on vocal rest…” he insisted. “I’ve been eating my salads!” Sam chimed in, before Rylan quipped: “Alright calm yourself!”Scott added: “To be fair it is tradition that Rylan does take the acts out, but it hasn’t happened this year. As Rylan mysteriously
Alex Jones shares dismay as son, 3, taken to hospital for operation - 'Waiting for my Kit'
The One Show presenter explained to her 337,000 followers on Instagram stories that she was waiting for her son Kit to return from the theatre room after a routine operation."Waiting for my little Kit to come back from theatre after a very routine op," she captioned the photo of a hospital bed."But feels like the longest morning of my life!"The BBC star didn't share any more details about her son's medical treatment but simply shared a picture of a hospital bed.The 45-year-old has famously been extra-protective over Kit right from the beginning.Last year, she posted an Instagram photo of her cradling him to her chest as she explained the upheaval he might feel when his little sister arrived."Grabbing all the cuddles I can," she wrote emotionally."This little one has no idea how much his world is about to change.Alex had punctuated the post with a heartbroken emoji.A post shared by Alex Jones (@alexjonesthomson)A post shared by Alex Jones (@alexjonesthomson)Alex welcomed baby Annie into the world after giving birth to her only daughter in August 2021.Meanwhile, her eldest child, Teddy, is now five, while her youngest son Kit is three.Alex is besotted with all of her kids, regularly speaking of her affection for them.Last month, prior to the op, Alex treated her children to a sunshine break in the Cotswolds.They stayed at a luxury property provided by Lower Mill Estate, which bills itself as offering the best "sustainable, luxury Cotswold holiday homes"."Made the most of the sun and had the best day on the water," she wrote on Instagram afterwards."We crammed a week's worth of activities into one very fun day!""Children and adults now exhausted," she joked, before inviting followers to: "swipe for the most undignified
Stacey Dooley takes swipe at beau Kevin Clifton as she questions his knowledge
Strictly Come Dancing contestant was questioned by host Alex Jones about Kevin's stint alongside Alan, which baffled Stacey.Kevin appeared on Alan's Love Your Weekend in July but explained he had been told by his girlfriend not to discuss their garden as it wasn't really up to scratch compared to the television favourite.His appearance on the show amazed The One Show's Alex Jones who ahead of Garden Day said to Stacey: "I saw Kevin on Alan Titchmarsh's programme.Stacey instantly quipped: "How bizarre, what does he know about gardening? "We don't know anything."Alex replied: "He said, 'don't ask me anything because we haven't done anything about it', so a year later(ish)?""Alex, it's upside down," added Stacey before continuing: "You know what it is, I'm desperate to get the kitchen done, so I don't want to waste my money on the lawn that's going to get dug up for the extension."I need to sort it out," while Alex noted how it was a "sensible" decision.Speaking to Alan on Love Your Garden, Kevin said: "We recently sort of moved in together actually, we bought a house."She told me not to bring up our garden because we haven’t done anything with it yet."While Alan said: "I'd never judge anyone else, it's alright.""She knew I was coming to see you," Kevin responded.The dancer went on to say: "But yeah, we're really happy and I suppose over the last year, we've got to spend a little bit more time together because we're usually both so busy."She's all over the world and I'm sort of doing theatre and stuff, the last year we've managed to spend some time together."It's believed the pair moved in with one another during the coronavirus pandemic after meeting on Strictly Come Dancing back in 2018.
The One Show's Alex Jones emotional in tear-jerking chat with Dragon's Den's Sara Davies
The One Show's Alex Jones shed a tear as she listened to TV guest and Dragon's Den star Sara Davies.On Wednesday (April 27), Sara was welcomed onto the BBC show by hosts Alex and Jermaine Jenas who opened the floor up for the Strictly star to talk about her new book.When explaining the details of her autobiography, Sara, spoke about her parents and how proud they were of her and her work.As producers played a clip of her parents on-screen, Sara said: "Look at my mum there, she's struggling not to get upset- we're all the same!"To which Alex interjected: "I'm getting upset, have we got a tissue?"Sara added: "I remember getting my dad to read the first proof of the book over Christmas, he was so emotional and ringing me every few hours and he said 'I've learnt so much there kid'."I said 'dad you were there for every chapter of the book!' But he said 'no, but I've never seen your life through your eyes and how you feel about things and how it made you the person that you are'."Honestly it was amazing! You will enjoy it," she told the hosts.She also revealed that she took a lot of inspiration from the other Dragon's Den stars' autobiographies.Sara explained how she took what she learned from their lives and applied it to her own when growing up.She continued: "I read all of the Dragon's autobiographies and I studied them thinking they would tell me how to run a business."However, I read Duncan Bannatyne's book and I thought you know what he is just a normal bloke."He didn't grow up with a silver spoon in his mouth, he just had a really big dream and loads of drive, it was called Anybody Can Do It and I look at what the impact that had on me as a young girl in my early 20s and I thought if I could touch just a handful of