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Princess Anne's brutal response to Zara Tindall's tongue piercing

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The notorious reputation of teenagers pushing boundaries is not restricted to common folks, even Royal youngsters have their rebellious moments.

A case in point is Zara Tindall's memorable act of defiance back in 1998, when at the young age of 17 she decided to get her tongue pierced, a move that resonated with parents of adolescents around the globe.Bracing herself for the bold move whilst studying at Scotland's prestigious boarding school, Gordonstoun - a favoured institution among many Royal Family members - Zara did not fly under the radar with this cheeky act of insubordination.

A silver stud adorning her tongue was first sighted at her Uncle King Charles' 50th birthday bash.One can only speculate about the reaction the no-nonsense Princess Anne had upon seeing her daughter sporting this unconventional oral decoration.

Thankfully, an unearthed interview of Zara, who's now aged 43, has given everyone a peek into how straightforwardly the Princess Royal would respond to her daughter's untraditional bending of the Royal protocol.During a candid conversation with Tatler magazine in 2011, Zara jested: "At least I didn't have it coming out of my nose, or anything." Coupled with reports that indicate rather than being taken aback, the Princess Royal merely enquired if Zara could still articulate well with the piercing, as the Express reported, reports the Mirror.

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