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Survivor star deletes tweets exposing brutal reality of life on the show
“Australian Survivor” contestant Simon Mee today tweeted – then hastily deleted – some insight about just how tough life can be for those playing the game.Simon responded to a fan’s meme about the show with some behind-the-scenes goss, revealing that life on the beach in Samoa can get very “Lord of the Flies.”One brief scene in a recent episode of the reality series saw fellow contestant Gerry angrily chastise Simon about where he’d placed the tribe’s firewood in the camp.It was a surprising outburst from the usually mild-mannered rescue pilot, so far one of the game’s most softly spoken players.As fans shared the moment online, Simon – forever on the bottom this season, but somehow still in the game as it enters its final stages – explained that the blow-up was a symptom of bigger issues, as players jostled to keep their spot in the game’s fragile hierarchy.Simon said that “Survivor’s” rudimentary sleeping arrangements, in which players huddle together for warmth under a makeshift shelter (with – if they’re lucky – a tarp to keep the rain out), revealed “a lot about the pecking order of the tribe.”“Gerry slept in the middle of the shelter with the blanket every night. But when he collected fire wood, he stacked down the end of the shelter,” he wrote.“Which also happened to me by bed.”In a follow-up tweet, also deleted, Simon revealed that he would have to move the firewood any time he wanted to make space for himself in his less protected area of the shelter.Former player and “Survivor” megafan Matt Tarrant responded to the tweet, saying it was “legit true” that players should “never sleep on the edge of the bed at camp” if they wanted to stay in the players’ inner circle.“Aww thanks Matt,” said Simon.