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Kylie Minogue Explains the Poignant Meaning Behind Her Duet With Madonna at 'Celebration Tour'

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Kylie Minogue is opening up about a legendary duet with Madonna onstage. The “Padam Padam” superstar got candid about her career in an interview with Grazia UK.

During the discussion, she spoke about joining Madonna onstage during her Celebration Tour for a performance, idolizing her growing up, why her career is like surfing, keeping up her energy and being part of a group of women over 50 redefining what it “should” look like. Keep reading to find out more… On joining Madonna onstage: “Singing with her felt weirdly natural.

There’s an unspoken bond between artists that I hold very dear. I respect how she has forged her own path and continues to do things her way.” On idolizing her as a teen: “The cut-off lace gloves and sang along to her songs in my bedroom, being my best Madonna…then later, in the early ’90s, I’d stay up till midnight to see the first play of her new video.” On why the duet was poignant: “She wanted us to cover ‘I Will Survive’ for various reasons… she lost her mother to breast cancer and she knows of my history with it [Minogue was diagnosed in 2005, declared cancer-free a year later]; and we have both survived the ups and downs of being a woman in the industry.

There was much that didn’t need to be said or explained to the audience, but it was understood.’” On why her career is like surfing: “A long time ago I was in Costa Rica on a longboard – which makes me sound like I can surf, which I can’t – but I clearly remember paddling out, missing, paddling out, missing, paddling out, missing… And then when I finally got up on a wave, I felt weightless and euphoric.

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