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John Mulaney Talks Netflix Special & Whether He Cleared It With Pals From His Intervention: “I Performed It And Then Asked, Was That Okay?”

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The only subjects that were off limits in John Mulaney: Baby J were his divorce and his newborn son. Otherwise, the highly-admired comedian spent his entire Baby J special for Netflix — his first in five years – talking candidly about the “action-packed” time in his life when his friends staged an intervention before sending him off to rehab.

At the moment his friends and family confronted him about his addiction, Mulaney wasn’t exactly focused on its stand-up potential. “I was quite under the influence when I arrived,” he told Deadline.

But after coming out of detox, Mulaney reached out to friend/comedian Joe Mande “to kind of get a handle on what had happened there.

He said it was extremely funny that I was giving notes on each person’s letter after they read it and that I told him after the intervention, how I ranked the speeches.

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