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Famous Taylor Swift photographer snaps Scots guitarists' stories ahead of 20th anniversary

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A globally renowned music photographer has captured the stories of several Scottish guitarists ahead of the 20th anniversary of a guitar retailer.Aaron Parsons, who has photographed the Arctic Monkeys, Taylor Swift and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, took pictures of 20 Guitarguitar customers.The company was founded in Edinburgh two decades ago and also has stores in Glasgow, Birmingham, Camden, in north London, Epsom, in Surrey, and Newcastle.Seven of the 20 people featured in his new series are Scottish, and told the photographer of how the instrument has helped shape their lives.Among those photographed is Miles Reed, 34.He has been a music fan his whole life and says his guitar became more significant for him when he lost his father at a young age, with his instrument providing a source of comfort and therapy through the grief.Mr Reed said: "After my dad's death, the guitar took on a whole new meaning."It became a way for me to express what I was feeling when words failed me."The act of strumming chords and creating melodies allowed me to release pent-up emotions and find moments of peace amidst the chaos".Parsons' career has seen him photograph some of the most influential artists in recent years for the likes of Rolling Stone and Attitude magazines.

His portfolio includes Self Esteem, Miles Kane and Thundercat.A regular photographer at Glastonbury, his work aims to encapsulate the emotion and energy of those in front of the camera.He said: "Whether I'm photographing John Frusciante (Red Hot Chilli Peppers), Taylor Swift, or any of the 20 incredible people behind the stories in this series, the relationship I see these musicians have with their guitars is incredibly special and unique."When they pick up their guitar,

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