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Giant haunted house opening in NYC: ‘Bring a change of underwear’
TerrorVision,” the show is the team’s second horror endeavor together, their first being NYC’s largest haunted house last year, a hellscape called “Bedlam” they created at 42nd Street’s former “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” space — for which they sold 20,000 tickets.Munro and McGeoch — both longtime runners of Six Flags’ Fright Fest and haunt community members — assure fans they’ve been once again working tirelessly to ensure that this year’s haunted house will also terrify all those who dare enter.At the same time, they’re also holding space for the fainter of heart, and thus offer fear-tiered tickets: General admission, for “the standard level of scary, heart-pounding fun;” Ultimate Terror for those who’d like to ensure they’re “targeted throughout the experience” by its 140 actors; and a Chicken Ticket option, which comes with a special amulet “to become ‘invisible’ to the monsters.” (The wuss and fear-monger tickets cost $59 while general admission starts at $50 — or $39 and $49 respectively while early bird tickets last.) Patrons of Horrorwood Studios will enjoy “three haunted houses for one price,” explained TerrorVision executive producer Dalton Dale, a horror world veteran who has sold $100 million worth of tickets to more than 21 shows over the course of two decades.AdvertisementEach haunted house is more or less an act within a triple-act narrative in which, without spoiling anything, the star of a TV show is incapacitated, the audience must fill in to play the part and then attempt to escape ending up on the cutting room floor.“Definitely bring a change of underwear,” said Dale. Tickets are currently available most days through Nov.