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Ex-Premier League football scout saw GP as soon as he spotted symptom - then he received awful news

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A former Manchester United football scout has been spared invasive surgery and given the all-clear after he was diagnosed with cancer last year.

Tom Critchley, 76, from Astley in Wigan, has spent almost 30 years spotting future Premier League stars and has helped give the likes of Danny Welbeck, Phil Bardsley and Michael Tonge a heads up in their football careers.

The grandfather-of-three, who also worked as a corporal in the Royal Engineers and now works as a club singer, was diagnosed with early stage rectal cancer last April.

Tom said he booked an appointment with his doctor as soon as he spotted possible symptoms of bowel cancer. READ MORE: Fit and healthy man, 28, gave up on GP before shock diagnosis READ MORE: 'I had a stomach bug on my wedding day - I had to leave my own party early' “It was a massive shock to be diagnosed with cancer as I’ve always been fit and healthy,” Tom said. “But I knew I wanted to get treatment right away.” Tom lost his wife Eileen to cancer when she was 54.

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