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The 35p cupboard item experts say you can remove limescale with

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We all don't have time to clean our homes from top to bottom and make it extra sparkly - as much as we'd like to - with many of us busy with work and looking after children.But there are things you can do regularly that will not only take minutes to do, but will also help combat stubborn issues many homeowners face - limescale.

And in even better news, not only will it save you more time in the long run, but you've likely got the cheap item in your kitchen cupboard right now.Bathroom & Kitchen experts Plumbworld have revealed the simple yet effective method for combating the unsightly, chalky deposits that tarnish their taps, showers, and appliances.The experts said that all you need is white vinegar.

This versatile kitchen staple, which can be purchased for as little as 35p in supermarkets. This is all thanks to the acetic acid in white vinegar that dissolves calcium carbonate effectively and offering an eco-friendly alternative to harsh chemical cleaners, reports Wales Online.A simple yet potent mix of equal parts water and white vinegar can conquer limescale in kettles and home appliances.

This natural remedy exploits vinegar's descaling properties to break down limescale safely. Here's how to apply this method effectively: Mixing: Create a solution by mixing equal parts of water and white vinegar.

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