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Scots terrorism expert convinced Vladimir Putin using body double on public appearances

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A Scottish terrorism expert is convinced Russian leader Vladimir Putin is using a body double on public appearances. The warmonger was accused by the Ukrainians of using a stand in on a surprise visit to occupied Mariupol last Sunday - to protect himself from assassination.SAS trained Graham Yuill is trained in facial recognition which he used when serving in Northern Ireland to identify terrorist suspects and more recently working for the UK government vetting visa applicants.

The 65-year-old, from Glasgow, said: “Each person’s face has unique characteristics that can determine if he is real or fake“However the photographs last week of Putin in Ukraine do mot match all his facial characteristics."The hair, ears and eyes were perfect.

But his nose, chin and the space between the nose and the lips - called the Philtrum - were wrong.“The people protecting him did not look like professional guards either.“There was also not the normal high levels of security that you would normally see for such a visit such as an armoured vehicle.“You can tell by just looking at the photograph of Putin that something is not quite right.”Graham is trained in computerised facial recognition techniques using up to date software.He says a simple visual inspection can be just as effective which he used on photographs of Putin in Mariupol be just as effective.Graham added: “Recently, I carried out specialist security work with a Home Office approved company based in the centre of Glasgow.“My job was to identify likenesses of people who had applied for visas to live in the UK.“I am convinced beyond reasonable doubt after studying recent footage of Putin moving around Ukraine that he is using a body double because he is paranoid of being

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