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Northern Lights may be visible over Scotland tonight after new solar flare

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The Northern Lights could make another appearance over Scotland this weekend, as forecasters predict more stunning light displays.Last weekend, unsuspecting countries across the world witnessed the aurora borealis as a result of severe solar storms.

Now, those who missed out may get a chance to peak the celestial phenomenon. The latest space forecast from the Met Office states that a solar flare, which exploded from the sun on Tuesday, is set to make the Northern Lights visible over "parts of Scotland" where weather conditions allow.

Experts said it was the largest solar storm to happen in the sun's 11-year cycle, which is nearing its peak. The Met Office reported: "Enhancement to the aurora is likely into early 18 May following the arrival of a CME that left the Sun on 14 May.

The aurora may become visible as far south as parts of Scotland where skies are clear. Mainly background aurora conditions are expected thereafter."A solar flare is when a large concentration of magnetic energy explodes from the sun, which produce coronial mass ejections (CME) of magnetic energy and plasma.

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