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Prince Philip had 'indignant' reaction when Harry and Meghan quit Royal Family, author says

Prince Philip was left "indignant and mystified" after learning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were quitting as working royals it has been claimed.The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sent shockwaves through the royal family when they announced in 2020 that they were stepping back from official duties and were moving to the US to begin a new life and become "financially independent." It is not believed they consulted any of their relatives before their making their announcement on social media. And the late Duke of Edinburgh was stunned and asked "what the hell they were playing at?" when he was informed of their decision, according to a new biography of The Queen.

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Queen takes surprise helicopter trip ahead of birthday to be 'closer to Philip'
The Queen has been spotted out and about ahead of her 96th birthday tomorrow which she intends to spend close to her beloved departed husband Prince Phillip.The Monarch was pictured leaving Windsor Castle today (April 20) before travelling by helicopter to Sandringham where she will spend her birthday tomorrow.It is thought the Queen will welcome in her 96th year at the Duke of Edinburgh's cottage, Wood Farm located on her Norfolk estate.A royal source said the monarch is making the move so she can be "as close as possible to her late husband".She has previously said that Prince Philip "loved" the property because the "sea was so close".Speaking to the Mirror, the source said: "The Queen decided very recently that on her birthday she wanted to be as close as possible to her late husband and in an environment that was very close to both of their hearts."Sandringham holds so many special memories for the Queen and Prince Philip as well as the rest of the Royal Family."It’s certainly a positive step that Her Majesty is feeling well enough and rested to enjoy her upcoming mini-break which she thoroughly deserves to celebrate her birthday."The Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 on April 9 last year, less than two weeks before the Queen's 95th birthday, following a 12-month spell in lockdown together at Windsor Castle.Tomorrow the sovereign will likely be remembering the poignant gesture her husband always carried out for her special day.Biographer Ingrid Seward claimed that although the couple tried to keep special occasions low-key, the Duke of Edinburgh had a special tradition for the Queen’s birthday.Just before the Queen’s 94th, Ms Seward told Sky News: “Prince Philip always brings her a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and I
Royal fans swoon over picture of bearded Prince William who 'looks like two kings'
Royal fans have let their imaginations run wild after seeing a rare photograph of Prince William with a striking beard.The 14-year-old image, which recently resurfaced on social media, shows an unusually hirsute Duke of Cambridge smiling to the camera.Online followers of the The Firm have been at pains to point out just how similar William looks to two of his historic ancestors.Prince William debuted his beard in 2008 when he walked with his family to the Christmas morning church service in Sandringham.Though the reason for his face fuzz was never confirmed, some believe he grew it in an attempt to disguise his identity during an Special Boat Service mission before he entered the RAF.Commentators also observed that he was following in his father's footsteps, as Prince Charles had also sported a beard while on Naval exercises in Alaska in 1975.The pictures admiration and disdain for the facial hair, many users took the opportunity to explain just how much Prince William looked like several of his royal ancestors.Many on Twitter saw a striking resemblance to his great-great grandfather, King George V.One wrote: "WOW King George V Related for sure", comparing him to a photograph of the King in his full Naval uniform.Another agreed: "The resemblance is uncanny", while someone else quipped: "George V vibes in a good way, of course".Others suggested, however, that there was another former monarch that Prince William looked more like — a young King Edward VII, back when he was The Prince of Wales in the 1860s/1870s.One commented: "Somewhat reminiscent of his great-great- great grandfather, Edward VII".Another eagle-eyed royal history enthusiast said he looked like Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, writing: "More Edward VII
Prince George given unexpected chore by Kate Middleton and William during half-term
Prince George will one day sit on the throne as King of England — but for now he's busy with some far grubbier part-time jobs.The youngster has been put to work "moving feed" on the Queen's Sandringham estate during his half-term break from school, alongside his younger siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Mum Kate Middleton revealed George's foray into farm work while visiting a goat farm with Prince William in Llanvetherine, near Abergavenny in Wales to mark St David's Day.During a day spent in the Welsh valleys, the couple tried making traditional Welsh cakes at a community centre but the future king told the young people watching: “Do not judge my cooking…”As they toured Pant Farm, where Gary and Jess Yeomans, both 50, produce goats’ milk that has supplied a local cheesemaker for the past two decades, William spotted a robot silage sweeper in one of the barns.Gary explained it could also be used to move feed, and Kate replied: “That was George’s job at half term – moving feed.”William told his hosts the children had been getting involved on the farm at Sandringham, where his own dad Charles has been working to turn the estate into a fully organic operation, and added: “We are trying some Agroforestry as well.”The method involves planting crops in between rows of trees to provide healthier soil, higher yields and vital homes for wildlife.The duke studied agricultural management at Cambridge University in 2014, but it seems the duchess also has farming running in her veins.Kate, who wore a red scarf, daffodil and gold hoop earrings by Welsh brand Spells of Love, told her hosts: “I was looking into my ancestry and there was someone who was a rare breed goat farmer.