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‘Everything Everywhere’ Is Unbeatable–But So Was ‘Brokeback Mountain’

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Where does it come from, that shiver of doubt about Everything Everywhere All At Once and its Best Picture prospects? (Almost) everyone says it’s the winner, far and away.

The picture is unbeatable. The Directors Guild, the Producers Guild, and the Screen Actors Guild have crowned it already, and the Writers Guild is likely poised to do the same tonight.

The Spirit Awards did it yesterday. The Critics Choice Awards had already gone thumbs up. As Deadline’s Pete Hammond points out, all six prognosticators on the Los Angeles Times “Buzzmeter” have Everything Everywhere in for the win.

But there’s still that spooky sense of unease. Maybe, as Hammond notes, the slight shadow is cast by Everything’s BAFTA loss to All Quiet On The Western Front, plus the sure knowledge that some older members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences aren’t charmed by the wildly off-center film, plus memory of recent upsets, which saw CODA dump Power Of The Dog and Green Book beat Roma.

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