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Watch BTS’ Jin perform an unreleased extended version of ‘Super Tuna’

Jin of K-pop boyband BTS recently surprised fans by performing an unreleased extended version of his solo song ‘Super Tuna’.Yesterday (June 13), a day after he was discharged from the military after two years, BTS’ Jin held a fanmeeting in Seoul, South Korea to commemorate the boyband’s 11th anniversary as part of their annual ‘Festa’ celebrations.During the event, the K-pop performed some of his solo tracks, including ‘The Astronaut’ and ‘Moon’ from BTS’ 2022 album ‘Proof’.

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BTS fan reimagines ‘Bridgerton’ scenes with orchestral covers of the boyband’s songs
BTS has reimagined scenes from the hit Netflix series Bridgerton with orchestral covers of the K-pop boyband’s songs.Earlier this month, Netflix released part one of season three of Bridgerton, which is known for its orchestral covers of hit pop songs. This season was no different, with covers of songs by Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, Nick Jonas and more.The second episode of season three notably included the first orchestral cover of a K-pop song, which was the Billboard Hot 100 chart-topping hit ‘Dynamite’ by BTS.One fan, who goes by the username @onceiwasbeloved on TikTok, has since reimaged several scenes from Bridgerton with orchestral covers of other popular BTS songs, including ‘Black Swan’ and ‘Pied Piper’.The clips for the two reimaginings have since spread quickly among fans of the series and the boyband, amassing over 300,000 and 1.3million views, respectively at time of writing.If only literally anyone on the production team actually LISTENED to bts #oiwb #bts #btsarmy #blackswan #BRIDGERTON ♬ Black Swan (Orchestral Version) – OMJamie Shall i go on? #oiwb #bridgerton #bts #btsarmy #piedpiper @Bridgerton ♬ original sound – MoMoMo The TikTok user also revisited the previous seasons of the Netflix drama, using orchestral covers of the BTS songs ‘Mikrokosmos’ and ‘Spring Day’ as background music for various dance scenes.I know the rhythm of the song doesn’t match the dance but bffr – it’s their song #bridgerton #bts #btsarmy #oiwb #mikrokosmos #oiwb ♬ original sound – MoMoMo I hurt my own feelings with this one #oiwb #bridgerton #bts #btsarmy #springday ♬ original sound – :)) In other BTS news, the boyband’s leader RM dropped his second solo album, ‘Right Place, Wrong Person’ last week.
Listen to new tracks from David Bowie, Brian Eno, Aurora, London Grammar collaborating with ‘Nature’
David Bowie, Brian Eno, Aurora and London Grammar have been shared, in which they join forces with ‘Nature’. Check out the new playlist below.Launched by The Museum for the United Nations, the project is called Sounds Right, and is developed to both spark a global conversation about the value of nature and galvanise people to take meaningful action to protect our planet.The initiative comes in the lead-up to Earth Day (April 22), and sees Mother Nature become recognised as an official artist with her own profile on major streaming platforms – where music lovers can listen to the eclectic mix of sounds from the natural world, including ocean waves, wind, rainstorms and birdsong.It also sees ‘Nature’ join forces with a diverse mix of global artists, who have either released new tracks or remixed some of their hits to collaborate with sounds from the natural world.David Bowie and Brian Eno’s track ‘Get Real’ is featured – now remixed by the latter to incorporate the harsh cries of hyenas, rooks and wild pigs – as is Ellie Goulding’s ‘Brightest Blue – Nature Remix’, which uses sounds from the lush rainforests of Colombia recorded by VozTerra.“Throughout my life I’ve wondered – how I can return something to the places I’ve taken ideas from? Music started out as the sounds of the natural world, and Sounds Right creates a system to give back to nature, helping to preserve the planet so that it can continue to inspire us for years to come,” said Eno of his feature.“In the nature remix of ‘Get Real’, a track I co-wrote with David Bowie 30 years ago, the animals are invading the song – it’s like it has sprung leaks everywhere and these animals are coming in through every window and crack between the doors.