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Emmerdale Belle Dingle bombshell to 'rock funeral' as fans predict dark paternity twist

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Emmerdale buffs are convinced Belle Dingle is set for a fresh hell on the ITV soap with a DNA bombshell poised to send shockwaves through the village.

Belle's been copping it from her nasty hubby Tom King, but now viewers are bracing themselves for another gut-punch as Belle is tipped to find out her old man Zak Dingle has kicked the bucket, following actor Steve Halliwell's real-life death last year.

Sharp-eyed fans are dead sure that Tom's going to keep Belle away from Zak's send-off when the grim news breaks. But some armchair detectives reckon there's an even juicier plot brewing they're betting Belle will get a belter of a revelation that Zak wasn't her flesh and blood, or at least that Tom will try to twist her melon into believing it.

This wouldn't be the first time Emmerdale's thrown a DNA curveball remember when Daz Spencer turned out to be Amelia's real dad, not Dan who she thought was her genetic match?, reports the Express.

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