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Bill Pullman Shares Surprising Songs He Listened to While Playing Alex Murdaugh, Compares Son Lewis’ ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ to ‘While You Were Sleeping’

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Emily Longeretta Bill Pullman is a liar. The star of “Murdaugh Murders: The Movie” doesn’t mean to be, but confesses he is one during our interview.

The two-part Lifetime movie in which Pullman portrays convicted murderer Alex Murdaugh wasn’t, by any means, a light-hearted project.

And while focusing on heavier topics, some actors turn to “comfort” TV or movies. One of mine, I tell him, is “While You Were Sleeping,” his 1995 rom-com with Sandra Bullock.

But he doesn’t have one. And that might come as a surprise if you’ve watched recent FYC press he’s done. In fact, he was asked about it on a panel three days before our conversation. “They asked a similar question, and I lied,” he whispers. “I just told my publicist today, I feel so bad!

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