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‘Back to Black’ review: Awful Amy Winehouse biopic gets a no, no, no!

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Running time: 122 minutes. Rated R (drug use, language throughout, sexual content and nudity). In theaters May 17.A basic biopic about Amy Winehouse, the eccentric singer who recorded two albums and then died of alcohol poisoning at the devastatingly young age of 27, was never going to work.Obviously.Hers was a whirlwind, hard-lived life that ended abruptly in tragedy.

While Winehouse was rapidly ascending to worldwide fame, she was also spiraling downward into addiction and tabloid notoriety.The “Rehab” singer was found dead at home in 2011, having been deprived a rich and fulfilling existence.

And, frankly, that quick arc does not make for a rich and fulfilling movie story.As expected, director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s woeful film “Back to Black” doesn’t play as the gripping battle of musical genius vs.

personal demons it fancies itself to be. Instead it’s all sadness, songs and sensationalism. Look at her guzzle booze, inhale drugs and stumble around Camden.

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