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‘This Life of Mine’ Review: A Middle-Aged Woman Collapses and Rebuilds In Sophie Fillières’ Bittersweet Final Feature

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Guy Lodge Film Critic What is poignant about “This Life of Mine” — the final film by French writer-director Sophie Fillières — is all but impossible to extract from the beleaguered circumstances of its creation.

Aged just 58, Fillières died last summer, shortly after completing the shoot of this wistful, somewhat autofictional study of midlife feminine crisis.

Postproduction was supervised by her children, the actors Agathe and Adam Bonitzer, with the guidance of notes Fillières made in hospital, when it became clear to her that she’d never complete the project herself.

What emerges from this process is a suitably elegiac testament to Fillières’ curious comic voice, centered on a fragile alter ego — played with a game lack of vanity by Agnès Jaoui — fearful that her life is passing her by.

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