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New and Basic State Pension payment inheritance rules after a spouse or partner dies

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The State Pension now provides a regular income for nearly 12.7 million older people across Great Britain, including more than one million living in Scotland.

The payment is administered by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to those who have reached the UK Government’s eligible retirement age - now 66 for both men and women - and have paid at least 10 years' worth of National Insurance contributions.

Some 3.4m people claiming the New State Pension are now receiving payments of up to £221.20 each week, and as the contributory benefit is usually paid every four weeks, this amounts to £884.80 per pay period.

The majority of overall claimants (9.3m) are receiving Basic State Pension payments of up to £169.50 each week, the equivalent of £648 per pay period.

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