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The Chase's 'Sinnerman', Paul Sinha, cost show huge sum for unlikely reason

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The Sinnerman from The Chase, also known as Paul Sinha, embarked on a major weight loss journey that ended up costing the show money in the wardrobe department.

Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2017, 54 year old Paul underwent blood tests which led to his participation in the ITV documentary, Diabetes: The Fast Fix.

From there, he was restricted to only 800 calories per day. Guided by celebrity doctor Zoe Williams over a month, Paul impressively lost two stone and managed to put his diabetes into remission.

In his book, Once Sinha Lifetime: Comedy, disaster and one man's quest for happiness, Paul poked fun at the situation, noting: "I lost plenty of weight, costing The Chase dozens of pounds in replacement suits." Paul also recalled feeling "surprised" but not "shocked" about his diabetes diagnosis as it runs in his family, yet he was worried about "a nervy, uncertain future".

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