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Robert Ouyang Rusli’s unsettling score brings Problemista to life

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Less than 20 minutes into Julio Torres’s surrealist comedy, Problemista, wild-eyed art critic Elizabeth (Tilda Swinton) is trying to find a photo of her begonias.

Frantically searching through her iPad to show her new assistant Alejandro (Torres) her garden in Maine, the atmosphere grows increasingly tense, as her mounting frustration turns into a series of violent jabs against the display.

Already a ball of neuroses, Elizabeth only grows more and more terrifying with each swipe, close-up shots of her screen punctuated by a series of quick, disorienting cutaways to her messy loft.

Except it isn’t the blinking red light of her disconnected modem, or the pile of plastic bags in the corner, or the phone charger tangled around a stiletto heel that creates a sense of mad chaos.

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