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Ivanka Trump ‘grateful’ to visit and provide aid to Ukrainian refugees in Poland

Ivanka Trump decided to travel to Poland for a good cause! The 45-year-old entrepreneur met with Ukrainian refugees, forced to leave their home country following the conflict caused by Russia’s invasion. The daughter of former President Donal Trump posted all about it on her social media platform, where she can be seen enjoying her time with Ukrainian families and delivering donations and food.“Grateful to have spent the last few days in Krakow & Warsaw to meet Ukrainian and Polish faith leaders who have shown so much compassion & love to Ukrainian families in need & for the opportunity to bear witness to the love, strength & resilience within each of these families,” Ivanka shared on Instagram and Twitter.During the encounter she spent time playing instruments with young children, served food at lunch time and took a moment to talk and take photos with mothers.

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DNA Journey fans emotional over Corrie stars Maureen Lipman and Rula Lenska's friendship
Coronation Street fans were overcome with emotion as they watched Dame Maureen Lipman and Rula Lenska’s genuine friendship bloom as they explored their ancestry together.During Tuesday’s (April 12) instalment of ITV’s DNA Journey, the soap legends teamed up to learn a little more about their family history which originates in the heart of Poland.The dynamic duo is known for portraying their legendary characters on the popular soap with 75-year-old Maureen playing the role of Everlyn Plummer alongside her fiery co-star, 74, who portrayed Claudia Colby.And it’s fair to say the pair instantly clicked when they first started working together on the iconic Manchester Cobbles back in 2009.But viewers got to see their friendship offscreen for the first time as they ventured overseas to learn more about their family history.And what surprised fans was their coincidental connection as it turned their ancestors grew up in Warsaw in the heart of Poland, despite originating from two drastically different social classes.After digging through the archives, it turned out Rula is born from Polish royalty and her co-star's family come from humble beginnings as a shoe maker.Despite their differences, the two friends bonded throughout the eye-opening adventure and viewers couldn’t get enough of it online.One user penned: “Lovely to see the friendship between @RealRula and @maureenlipman and very moving to learn how their words collided in Warsaw #DNAJourney.”Another added: “Rula Lenska & Maureen Lipman are the biggest friendship goal #dnajourney.”A third penned: “The relationship between Dame Maureen and Countess Rula on #DNAJourney is wonderful seeing as they only met a few years ago on Corrie!”Rula went on to seal their life-changing
Putin's list of European countries Russia could invade with 'troops there in two days'
Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine sparked fears of war spreading across the rest of Europe. With Russia sending threats to other countries in recent weeks, those fears may not be completely unfounded.In September 2014, Putin listed five European countries in a private threat over Russia's growing military strength.The countries privately warned were Poland, Romania and the Baltic states - Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania - which are all part of the EU, the bloc that Ukraine was also looking to join at the time.According to German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung, Putin allegedly told then Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko: "If I wanted, in two days I could have Russian troops not only in Kyiv but also in Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Warsaw and Bucharest."The statement, if made in these terms, represented the first time Putin had discussed the idea of invading an EU or NATO member state.European Commission Vice President Valdis Dombrovskis, who is Latvian, told Politico earlier this month that Putin is likely to ramp up his military ambitions and challenge NATO in the Baltic Sea countries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia if he is triumphant in Ukraine.He said: “If we do not support Ukraine, it’s not going to stop in Ukraine.
WW2 survivor says Russians are worse than Nazis – 'not even Germans did this to us'
Vladimir Putin's troops a "bully" and said they are "worse than Nazis" as he claimed the soldiers were killing civilians in his hometown.Viktor, from Posad-Pokrovske, Kherson Oblast in southern Ukraine, sat with other villagers on the final bus out of the town as they headed towards the city of Mykolaiv.The group has been shielding in the bunkers as Russian forces invades the city with heavy shellings and bombardments.The village of Posad-Pokrovske was littered with cluster munitions and the village's gas main burst when rockets rained down on their roofs.The place is no longer fit for people to live after two weeks of intense bombardments.Viktor told CNN from inside the van: "I remember how the Germans attacked us. They didn't mess with us like this."They didn't bully people."Another pensioner, Vitali, who also lives in the town, weeps and says: "Civilians...they [the Russians] killed all the civilians."These are bastards, reptiles, parasites."They don't fight troops, they fight people - worse than the fascists."This came after Putin's pal made a chilling warning to Europe that Russia will use nuclear missiles – if NATO exerts its influence in Ukraine.Sergey Mikheev appeared on state-owned TV channel Russia-1 and said how NATO's support to Ukraine could lead to an unstoppable nuclear war."Brave Poles, there will be nothing left from your Warsaw in 30 seconds," he said.“It seems to me that countries, as we call them, Lithuania and Poland, behave too boldly.