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Mark Ronson says that ‘I’m Just Ken’ has helped “young boys emotionally”
Mark Ronson has said that the song he co-wrote for the Barbie Movie, ‘I’m Just Ken’, has helped young boys in an emotional way.The renowned producer – famed for his work with Amy Winehouse and the hit track ‘Uptown Funk’ – co-wrote the song for the soundtrack to the hit 2023 blockbuster, with leading man Ryan Gosling taking on the vocals as the character of Ken.Now, Ronson has explained how he thinks the song’s lyrics about Ken’s unrequited love for Barbie may have impacted people dealing with rejection in the real world.“I know I’ll sound like David Brent, but the song helped young boys,” he told The Times (via Music News) during a new interview, referring to the fictitious character played by Ricky Gervais.“My friend’s eight-year-old got broken up with and he said, ‘It’s OK, because Ken got broken up with by Barbie.’ The song tells boys that it’s OK to be runner-up,” he added.“The internet’s caused a level of isolation in boys and this idea of male camaraderie and sharing your feelings is a nice and unexpected thing to come out of it.”Last night, Ronson and Gosling took to the stage at the 2024 Oscars to perform the track live, following weeks of uncertainty about whether the two would perform it at the ceremony.Gosling took to the stage clad in an all-pink Barbie-inspired outfit while Ronson played the guitar. During the performance, Gosling’s cast mates Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa, Kingsley Ben-Adir and Scott Evans joined him to dance onstage.Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash also took part in the rendition, ripping through a guitar solo with Wolfgang Van Halen.