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Muscle mummy claims men call her 'pretty' but won't date her because she's too ripped

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A muscle-bound mum revealed that men regularly call her "pretty" but refuse to date her because of her ripped physique. Weightlifter Hunter has amassed a following of more than 400,000 on TikTok, where she regularly flaunts her impressive frame.Hunter, who goes by @hunlynfit and is known as a 'muscle mommy', hit back at the potential suitors who are put off because they "don't like muscular girls", The Mirror reports.In a now-viral video, Hunter is wearing a pair of gym shorts and a cropped halter top that showcases her toned figure.

She is pulling a sad face while holding her fingers together in the shape of a heart.While a remix of the T2 song Heartbroken plays in the background, the words "you're pretty but I don't like muscular girls" are seen on screen.

Hunter then pulls her hands apart, tearing the 'heart' in a way that suggests she was hurt by the slight.But then she contorts her hands into two one-fingered salutes as she stares into the camera.

She then begins flexing her muscles to the beat of the popular dance track.And as if that reaction didn't make her feelings clear enough, the video - which has racked up over 10million views and 800,000 likes - is captioned: "Like I give a f**k".The clip, which was posted in June 2022, also attracted thousands of comments, with TikTok users heaping praise on the fitness fanatic for her body-positive attitude.Many pointed out that men making those comments are likely to feel intimidated by her bulging biceps and rock-hard abs.

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