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Love Islanders' jaw-dropping transformations – as expert reveals it's 'clear' who has had work done

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Love Island is famed for its stunning singletons on the hunt for romance, and it's no secret that some of these beauties have had a little help in the looks department.The show has faced criticism for not showcasing plus-sized bodies, and it's hard to overlook the flawless appearances of the cast - setting some seriously high beauty standards.There's been a significant increase in young people opting for cosmetic surgery, and our Love Islanders are no exception.

Known as 'tweakments' - which can include treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, fillers and extensive facial and injectable skincare regimes - the pressure to look effortlessly flawless has never been higher.

But what did they look like before their transformations? Some contestants are barely recognisable pre-villa thanks to various beauty enhancements.

Medical Aesthetic Injector and Skin Specialist, Emma Wedgwood, says there's a "definite rise in the popularity of tweakments and cosmetic surgery among young women" and a big part of this is "due to the influence of social media and reality TV shows like Love Island." She adds: "Platforms like Instagram and TikTok emphasise looks, which makes more people aware of and interested in aesthetic enhancements.These treatments have become more accessible and normalised, making them more appealing to younger people." Like many women, some of the Love Island ladies may be succumbing to societal pressures to undergo these cosmetic procedures.There's been a noticeable increase in young women opting for treatments such as Botox and fillers.

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