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'I made super crispy bacon in my air fryer by adding one store cupboard essential'

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Did you know you can achieve super crispy bacon in your air fryer by adding just one pantry staple? Sophie Harris, senior lifestyle reporter at the Express loves her bacon super crispy, especially if it's streaky bacon.

Usually, you need oil to get that crispy finish, so when she came across a super easy hack that can be done in the air fryer, Sophie decided to give it a shot. "All I did was preheat my air fryer to 180C and lay the bacon in the air fryer in a single layer.

If you stack them, they won't crisp up as nicely.Then, I sprinkled some plain flour onto each rasher and cooked them for about eight minutes," she explained. "I was pleasantly surprised at how well this hack worked and the bacon turned out super crisp and crunchy." You can buy a small bag of plain flour for as little as 50p and you only need a sprinkle, so it's really cost-effective. "There was still a tiny bit of flour on the bacon once it was cooked but you couldn't taste it.

I also made sure to flip the bacon halfway through and added a small amount of flour to the other side." Some online methods suggest using cornstarch which can also work in the same way as plain flour.

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