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Grindr Gang attack: new victim tells his story

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The so-called Grindr Gang has been targeting gay, bisexual and queer men in Gauteng for years A young man was beaten and attacked by the Grindr Gang in late February At least three new cases took place AFTER police arrested four suspects The LGBTIQ+ community is warned to continue to use dating apps with caution Despite recent arrests, we can confirm that gay and bi men are still being actively targeted through Grindr and other dating apps after a new victim came forward to recount his ordeal. Jason (not his real name) became a victim of dating app criminals – dubbed the “Grindr Gang” by some – on Friday 24 February after he arranged to meet a man that he’d started chatting to on Grindr the previous day.

The location he received took him to a sports field in the south of Johannesburg, whereafter he was directed to an apartment complex.

He found the man, a white South African, waiting for him outside. The two walked up to the apartment, where Jason noted that of the three rooms, only one door was open. “We entered the room and I immediately felt uncomfortable,” Jason tells Mamba. “It was dark.

He sat at the top of the bed, and I sat close to the edge of the bed.” Becoming increasingly uncomfortable, Jason decided to leave. “Three seconds later he was strangling me,” says Jason, “and screaming, ‘you’re not leaving, you’re being robbed!” At that point two other men, who Jason believes were Nigerian, entered the room. “They took off my Apple watch, my phone and my wallet.

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