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Non-binary singer Sam Smith ignites body image firestorm over 'Perfect Magazine' debut
Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith ignited a firestorm after posing on the cover of Perfect Magazine, stirring conversation surrounding body image and body positivity.  The non-binary British artist debuted on the magazine's cover in recent weeks, prompting many to address what their version of "perfect" looks like.  Pop Culture released a collage of the photos on Twitter, depicting Smith wearing a corset with strings, and another photo appearing him to mimic the "Rosie the Riveter" poster from World War II.  "Sam Smith looks amazing for PERFECT Magazine," the tweet read.  But the photos created a mixed bag of reactions on Twitter.  One user wrote, "Amazing is the wrong word.Try grotesque." Another said, "I won’t say amazing, definitely interesting, creative and original, but not amazing love." "In what universe is wearing clothes that don't fit an amazing look? Like, no," one user said.  Some users also created their own satirical images mocking the singer for his pictures.  "He looks like desperate," one user said.  The "Unholy" singer also posted a photo from the shoot to his Instagram. He was tied up with red ribbons, wearing high heels, latex gloves, and laying on his stomach on the ground.  The caption read, "HONEY ROASTED SAM." The singer has also faced criticism in recent weeks surrounding his "Satanic" Grammy Awards performance, which featured him dressed as the devil with red lights and devil horns.  The show prompted outrage from conservatives, who argued the performance was indicative of the far-left direction Hollywood has been headed in for years.  Bailee Hill is an associate editor with Fox News Digital.
Sam Smith teases cameo in ‘And Just Like That’
Sam Smith has teased a cameo appearance in the upcoming second season of Sex And The City spin-off And Just Like That.And Just Like That, which debuted its first season at the end of 2021, saw the return of original Sex And The City cast members Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes and Kristin Davis as Charlotte York-Goldenblatt, while Kim Cattrall was absent as Samantha Jones.A second season was confirmed by HBO Max in March last year, with Cattrall set to return as Samantha.Smith could be another surprise addition to the show, after they shared a post on Instagram in collaboration with the show’s official account.In one photo, Smith pokes their head out of a trailer on set in New York, while the other sees them sitting on a chair on the street.“Up to something unholy on set,” they wrote in the caption, referencing their recent hit single with Kim Petras.A post shared by SAM SMITH (@samsmith)The upcoming second season of And Just Like That “feels like iconic Sex And The City episodes,” according to an HBO Max executive.The streaming service’s head of originals, Sarah Aubrey, has revealed what to expect from the next edition of the show. “What you’re seeing this season is all of these characters embracing life,” Aubrey told Variety.