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Two 'silent killer' warning signs that appear in your feet and how to spot them

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Keeping an eye on our health is something we should all be doing, but certain conditions can be difficult to spot.Dubbed 'silent killers', these illnesses are named this way because they often don't show any symptoms in the early stages - or any obvious ones at least.Heart disease and diabetes are two examples, and they can both lead to serious health complications if they aren't treated.

But because they're difficult to spot, keeping an eye on some red flag details is crucial, the Express reports. Certain warning symptoms of these conditions can appear in your feet before anywhere else, one pharmacist has revealed.

Noel Wicks, pharmacist and advisor to Excilor, said: "We need to keep an eye on our foot health, including our toenails, because it can impact on our overall health and be a sign of [serious] health issues."Many of our blood vessels are situated in our feet, along with 26 bones and over one hundred muscles.

And because the vessels in our toes are so small, they can easy become clogged with fat, which is one of the key symptoms of heart disease.Noel explained that in order to spot this happening, keep an eye on your feet as they may end up swollen, numb, cold or painful. “Thickening and brittleness of toenails may also occur with heart disease,” the expert added.It can be a little more difficult to spot the early signs of diabetes in your feet, Noel warned.

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